Indian Government Considers Demolition Of Speed Governors

Posted by Dhiraj 12/09/2018 0 Comment(s) Thought Articles,

The government of India finally considers the demolition of speed governors from all commercial vehicles and taxis as a move to do away with the rule which has been limiting the speed limit of commercial vehicles in the country to 80 kmph. The government, as a move to reduce fatalities on roads, rolled out a rule in May 2017, making it mandatory for the car rental companies and ridesharing companies like Ola and Uber to equip the cars with speed governors to cap the maximum speed of their cars at 80 kmph. This move of the government has been facing some serious opposition from the people who see it as the government’s new way of pulling more money out of their pockets as this speed limit adds extra hours to their rides. Although, this move has not shown any visible impact on the business of companies like Ola and Uber in the country, car rental service providers like Zoomcar, Revv and others have been witnessing a significant decline in the number of bookings. But the latest announcement by the transport minister Nitin Gadkari to abolish these Speed Limiting Devices (SLDs) can be seen as good news for the companies. We do not know when this abolishment comes into effect, but we do know that this will boost the market growth of car rental and ridesharing services in the country.