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Cooling Paste Market

Cooling Paste Market - Forecasts from 2017 to 2022

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  • Publishing Date: April 2017
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Processors, now days have higher speed and exhibit superior performances than their predecessors, owing to their capabilities to handle numerous heavy resource demanding applications simultaneously. The processors tend to generate huge amount of heat during processing of data, particularly when data is complex and propel the processor to dedicate more resources than required to the task. The dissemination of good amount of heat remains a major issue for both end users and CPU manufacturers. Hence, the CPU should get adequate coolness so that its efficiency does not get affected and issues such as irregular resets, freezing problems or burning of the processor do not arise. Therefore, in such situations cooling pastes are used to lower down the temperature of the processor.

The major factor accelerating the global cooling paste market is rapid digitalization across the globe. Digitization has led to increasing in number of computers which, in turn, is spurring up the need for processors while augmenting the cooling paste market growth. Moreover, the easily affordable and high performance feature of cooling paste further enhances its demand. In addition, the continuous innovation owing to highly competitive market due to the presence of various players is propelling the market growth. Factors like the increasing need for miniaturization of electronic devices and the expansion of end use industries such as electronics and increasing research and development activities further impact the global market of cooling paste significantly.

Geographically, Asia Pacific region is expected drive the global cooling paste market due to the escalating demand from end use industries such as telecommunications and electronics. Moreover, rapid urbanization and continuous technological advancement and adoption in developing countries, like China, India and Taiwan is further expected to boost the cooling paste demand over the forecast period.

Research Methodology

Firstly, the report provides a brief introduction of the market and deals with detailed research methodology for calculating market size and forecasts, secondary data sources used and the primary inputs which were taken for data validation. This section also outlines various segmentations which have been covered as part of the report.

Market Dynamics

Next, the section provides comprehensive market dynamics through an overview section along with growth drivers, challenges, and opportunities which exist in the current market. This section of the report also provides supplier and industry outlook as a whole; key industry, global and regional regulations which are determining the market growth and a brief technological aspect of Cooling Paste. Complete industry analysis has also been covered by Porter’s five forces model as a part of this report section.


Thirdly, Cooling Paste Market has been segmented on the basis of type, application and geography as follows

  • By Type
    • Tapes & Films
    • Gap Fillers
    • Phase Change Materials
    • Greases & Adhesives
    • Metal-Based Thermal Interface Materials
    • Others
  • By Application
    • Industrial Machinery
    • Medical Devices
    • Automotive Electronics
    • Telecom Devices
    • Personal Computers
    • Others
  • By Geography
    • Americas
      • North America
      • South America
    • Europe Middle East and Africa
      • Europe
      • Middle East and Africa
    • Asia Pacific

Market Players

Finally, competitive intelligence section deals with major players in the market, their market shares, growth strategies, products, financials, and recent investments among others. Key industry players profiled as part of this section are Parker Hannifin Corp, Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, Momentive, Henkel Electronics Materials, LLC, Laird and Wakefield-Vette, Inc.

1. Introduction
2. Research Methodology
3. Executive Summary
4. Market Dynamics
4.1. Market Overview and Segmentations
4.2. Drivers
4.3. Restraints
4.4. Opportunities
4.5. Porter's Five Forces
4.6. Supplier Outlook
4.7. Industry Outlook
4.8. Industry Value Chain Analysis
4.9. Scenario Analysis
5. Global Cooling Paste Market Forecast by Type (US$ billion)
5.1. Tapes & Films
5.1.1. Overview
5.1.2. By Region
5.2. Gap Fillers
5.2.1. Overview
5.2.2. By Region
5.3. Phase Change Materials
5.3.1. Overview
5.3.2. By Region
5.4. Greases & Adhesives
5.4.1. Overview
5.4.2. By Region
5.5. Metal-Based Thermal Interface Materials
5.5.1. Overview
5.5.2. By Region
5.6. Others
5.6.1. Overview
5.6.2. By Region
6. Global Cooling Paste Market Forecast by Application (US$ billion)
6.1. Industrial Machinery
6.1.1. Overview
6.1.2. By Region
6.2. Medical Devices
6.2.1. Overview
6.2.2. By Region
6.3. Automotive Electronics
6.3.1. Overview
6.3.2. By Region
6.4. Telecom Devices
6.4.1. Overview
6.4.2. By Region
6.5. Personal Computers
6.5.1. Overview
6.5.2. By Region
6.6. Others
6.6.1. Overview
6.6.2. By Region
7. Global Cooling Paste Market Forecast by Geography (US$ billion)
7.1. Americas
7.1.1. North America Overview By Type By Application
7.1.2. South America Overview By Type By Application
7.2. Europe Middle East and Africa
7.2.1. Europe Overview By Type By Application
7.2.2. Middle East and Africa Overview By Type By Application
7.3. Asia Pacific Overview By Type By Application
8. Competitive Intelligence
8.1. Market Share of Key Players
8.2. Investment Analysis
8.3. Recent Deals
8.4. Strategies of Key Players
9. Company Profiles
9.1. Parker Hannifin Corp
9.1.1. Overview
9.1.2. Financials
9.1.3. Products and Services
9.1.4. Recent Development
9.2. Henkel AG & Co. KGaA
9.2.1. Overview
9.2.2. Financials
9.2.3. Products and Services
9.2.4. Recent Development
9.3. Momentive
9.3.1. Overview
9.3.2. Financials
9.3.3. Products and Services
9.3.4. Recent Development
9.4. Henkel Electronics Materials, LLC
9.4.1. Overview
9.4.2. Financials
9.4.3. Products and Services
9.4.4. Recent Development
9.5. Laird
9.5.1. Overview
9.5.2. Financials
9.5.3. Products and Services
9.5.4. Recent Development
9.6. Wakefield-Vette, Inc
9.6.1. Overview
9.6.2. Financials
9.6.3. Products and Services
9.6.4. Recent Development
10. List of Tables
11. List of Figures
12. Disclaimer

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