Mannitol: A Safer and Beneficial Natural Sugar and Bio-chemical

mannitol market

Mannitol is a type of osmetic diuretic, which helps to make a patient pee. It is a type of sugar alcohol and is also used as a low-calorie sweetener. In medication, mannitol is used to increase body urine and to lose excess salt. It is also beneficial in treating swellings in heart, kidney, and liver diseases. Mannitol can be produced naturally, via various fruits and vegetables, and can also be created artificially. Naturally, mannitol is found in various sources, like fresh mushrooms, brown algae, and manna ash tree barks. Apart from these, mannitol is also found in small quantities in various fruits and vegetables, like olives, onions, celery, and pumpkins, among others. Synthetic mannitol is mainly produced with the help of hydrogenating fructose.

Natural mannitol is one of the most beneficial substances found in various fruits and vegetables. Natural mannitol showcases positive effects on the consumer, as it helps to elevate the blood plasma osmolality, enhancing the flow of water from tissues. Mannitol also has a lower impact on the blood sugar level, as compared to other natural sugars, increasing its demand by diabetic consumers.

While this biochemical has several benefits, it can cause severe side-effects if not consumed with proper guidance. From an excess use of mannitol, the consumer can experience side effects like dehydration, nausea, chest pain, and in some worse cases bleeding in the brain.

Global Production Trends

The global demand for mannitol witnessed steady growth, with total trade value in 2021 being US$ 258 million, and increased to US$ 278 million in 2022. According to the World Integrated Trade Solution, by the World Bank, in 2021, France became the biggest exporter of mannitol, which accounted for about 21490.33 tons of mannitol, valued at US$ 113.021 million, which slightly increased to US$ 118 million in 2022.

Globally, India became the biggest importer of mannitol, importing about US$ 35.5 million worth of mannitol in 2022, and US$ 38.8 million mannitol import in 2021. Most of the mannitol imported by India came from the USA with US$ 9.87 million value, followed by China with US$ 8.77 million and Belgium with US$ 8.55 million.

Mannitol Use Case

Mannitol is generally used in medication and food sectors, globally. In the food sector, mannitol is used as a source of artificial sweetener. When dissolved completely in a product, mannitol induces strong cooling effects and is often used in candies, chewing gums, cakes, cookies, and other frozen desserts. Mannitol is also used for icing and filling purposes in the sector.

In the healthcare and medication industry, mannitol has multiple applications. For instance, mannitol is used to increase the body’s urine flow, with reducing salt presence in the body. It is also used in reducing swellings from livers, kidneys, brain, and eyes. The biochemical has also found an increase in application as a filler in common tablets.

Market Dynamics and Drivers

One of the major drivers for the mannitol market is the increasing global food consumption. One of the major reasons for the increase in consumption is the increasing global population. According to the World Bank, the global population reached 7.95 billion in 2022, which increased significantly from 2020, when the global population was about 7.82 billion. According to the report, India had the highest population of about 1.417 billion, followed by China at 1.412 billion. This increase creates a surge in the demand for consumable products.

Apart from this, another major driver for the mannitol market is the increasing demand for global healthcare and medication. According to the data published by the American Hospital Association, patient admission in US hospitals increased significantly. According to the data, total admissions in hospitals in the nation in 2022 were about 33.393 million, which increased to 34.011 million in 2023. This increase creates a demand for medications and other healthcare products, increasing the demand for mannitol in the market.

Figure 1: Total Hospital Admissions, in USA, 2022 and 2023

total hospital admissions

Source: American Hospital Association

Key Developments

  • In August 2022, Aptar Pharma acquired the global license of Orbital Dry Powder Inhaler. This powder was developed as a life cycle-extending product. The CEO announced that this announcement is an example of the strategy that will help the company generate non-dilutive cash from the mannitol respiratory market.
  • In July 2022, Roquette, announced its new grade of PEARLITOL SD Mannitol range, PEARLITOL 150 SD, for direct compression. The company claimed that the product is mainly developed for active pharmaceutical ingredient use, and is highly sensitive in reducing sugar.

In conclusion, the mannitol market presents significant opportunities for growth and innovation, driven by the increasing demand for medication and food sectors. While facing various low yields, and low productivity, the industry is poised to capitalize on innovations and developments to meet the needs of a growing global demand for the mannitol market.


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