Criminals Beware! There’s a Video Surveillance System Watching You

Video surveillance systems offer a comprehensive security surveillance solution that are deployed in varied end-use sectors. These systems are used for remote video monitoring for providing protection against theft, burglaries, and suspicious employees. These systems are also used for facility protection for protecting the perimeter of a property or buildings. Other applications include monitoring everyday operations and their use as a tool for streamlining operations, protection of assets, video surveillance cameras can discourage vandalism as there is a possibility of identification on the video. The installation of high-definition cameras can help in facial recognition, posing a threat to vandals. Furthermore, the device offers employee safety, aid in monitoring of thefts and damages to cars in a parking lot, for crowd control during an event, utilized in city streets, parks, neighborhood, and communities for deterring crime and promoting public safety. Also, the deployment of video surveillance systems is done for traffic monitoring for improving the traffic flow and monitoring road accidents, they are also installed on pedestrian gates for intrusion detection.

video surveillance market


Increasing Importance of Security Surveillance With Rising Number of Crime Rates

The substantial amount of crime rates in the world is contributing to surging the video surveillance market demand. It has been widely observed that there is a rise in the number of criminal activities including violence, theft, robbery, murder, and burglary. In the United States, as per the Bureau of Justice Statistics, National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), a significant amount of property victimizations was analyzed from 2014 to 2018. The type of property crime included burglary/trespassing, motor-vehicle theft, and other thefts include unlawful taking or attempted unlawful taking of property or cash without personal contact with the victim.

video surveillance market

Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics, United States, National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), Number of Property Victimizations, 2014-2018

Matrix Comsec manufactures security and telecom solutions. For government organizations that are facing a wide-range of threats originating from terrorism to increasing crime rates, shooting, and other emergency situations. There is a requirement of real-time monitoring and quick survey of what is happening around, indoors and outdoors. The increasing number of criminal activities have surged the demand for utilization of novel and innovative security solutions contributing to providing safe and secure environment. The company’s Matrix IP video surveillance is intelligent and scalable providing future-proof security solutions for monitoring and controlling all the government utilities. With the capability of offering live insights, it will instantly notify in the case of any suspicious act. Additionally, automatic crime detection and reporting is offered by the system, thus, contributing to enhancing safety and improves employee productivity. Based in Waghodia, Vadodara, India, the products are widely available in the regions of Europe, America, the Middle-East, Asia, and Australia through its robust distribution of channel partners around the globe.

Strategies for the installation of video surveillance camera is augmenting the video surveillance market growth. In the United Kingdom, the Surveillance Camera Commissioner presented a National Surveillance Camera Strategy in 2017 for England and Wales. The role of the commissioner was introduced for encouraging and advising organization for utilizing surveillance cameras in public places, in addition to following the surveillance camera code of practice. 

For manufacturers and installers in England and Wales, it is suggested to have a clear focus on the requirements and best practice for video surveillance camera market. For the public, there is a requirement to understand the capability of cameras, additionally, the development of technological sophistication as to how can a society provide informed consent to the utilization of public space surveillance is required.

Potential Applications for Video Surveillance Cameras

For commercial businesses, quality video surveillance systems provide information regarding theft, vandalism and others. The presence of companies offering video surveillance services include site security audits, camera recommendations, system configuration, installation support, designing of wireless network, and many more offerings. Additionally, companies also offer regular customer service and technical support. Advantages offered by the commercial video surveillance systems include reduced annual theft losses, deterrence of internal theft by the dishonest employees and contractors, monitoring of day-to-day operations, capability of viewing commercial facility via off-site on a mobile device, help in warding-off trespassers and vandals, and assist in decreasing liability from frivolous claims and lawsuits.

For construction site security, the installation of video surveillance system can protect against security issues on a construction sites that include accidents, theft of construction raw materials like lumber, steel, and copper pipes, help in keeping out petty criminals and intruders, provide assistance in increasing and supplementing current security measures, ensures a safe place for the employees to work, aids in effective monitoring of construction processes and increases the efficiency, and many more.

In the education sector, video surveillance systems have become crucial in schools, college campuses, and other learning institutions. These provide protection against trespassers entering the school or college facility, violence and crime, and student misbehaviour.  

Supercircuits, Inc. provide innovative security solutions to protect students and educators. Featured surveillance solutions for school include security cameras, security camera systems, IP security cameras, digital video recorders, network video recorders, and mobile surveillance among others.

In hospitality sector including hotels, convention centers, museums, stadiums and other entertainment facilities, video surveillance systems offer protection against threats that create chaos and disturbs public peace. Key advantages include better crowd control during high-traffic events, ensures patron and staff safety, works an effective tool for monitoring day-to-day activities, increase customer service, enables remote monitoring, and many more.

In the retail sector, video surveillance systems offer protection against threats that include shoplifting, employee theft, flash rob theft, and also protect against retail crime. With the growing number of retail outlets, especially, modern retail stores, such as supermarkets, hypermarkets, and convenience stores, the market is projected to grow at a significant pace. This is further supported by the increasing urbanization leading to changing lifestyles of consumers who prefer to shop for products under one roof, thus, saving time and money. Furthermore, with the growing construction activities, significant market growth prospects are offered with the rising construction of retail stores.