About Us

Knowledge Sourcing Intelligence (KSI) is a market research and consulting firm publishing research studies spanning across ten industry verticals. We have a combination of experienced and young professionals with a singular focus on delivering high-quality research services to enterprises, non-government organizations, government agencies, and research institutes and organizations.

We publish hundreds of reports every year centering on niche and latest technologies. We engage with key decision makers and stakeholders across the value chain to provide clients with a detailed analysis and bird's eye view of the market with complete market dynamics, statistical forecasts, competitive analysis, key trends, market drivers and challenges and strategic recommendations for making informed decisions. Our success lies in the effort of our analysts who strive to meet client expectations by delivering quality work within the stipulated deadlines.


To become one of the leading Market Research firms catering to diverse needs of clients across different industries.


To become a world-class consulting and market research firm known for delivering quality work and client satisfaction.

Our Value Proposition

We believe in working with partners and clients as a catalyst to their growth story.

Client Satisfaction

Complete client satisfaction by offering analyst support services till the objectives are met with integrity and confidentiality, while maintaining accountability for our offerings.

Industry Experts

An extensive collaboration with industry experts across the globe who constantly engage with the analyst team to guide and provide feedback whenever necessary.

Research Methodology

Our proprietary research methodology analyzes inputs of different stakeholders as well as thousands of secondary data sources to assist clients with their needs ranging from entering new and emerging markets, competitive landscape, to exploring the untapped potential.