Press Releases

Global Thin-Film PV Module Market size worth US$11.557 billion by 2027

The prime factors for the growth of the Global Thin-film PV module market are the rising importance of the renewable energy sector, government exemptions,... Read more

Frozen Fruit Market size worth US$6.366 billion by 2027

The prime factor driving the growth of the Frozen Fruit Market is the increasing demand for exotic fruits, and year-round availability of non-seasonal... Read more

Global Carbonated Soft Drink Market size worth US$56,949.96 million in 2027

The Global Carbonated Soft Drink Market is driven by growing disposable income among people, and the increasing product developments and launches. The... Read more

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Market size worth US$28.532 billion by 2027

combined heat and power (CHP) market is due to end-user requirements for the replacement of conventional energy systems constantly increasing as a result... Read more

Fungicides Market size worth US$25.914 billion in 2027

The fungicides market is expected to develop due to farmers' greater preference for pesticides for disease prevention and the world's growing need... Read more

Global Cast Elastomer Market is projected to grow at a healthy CAGR of 3.01%

Cast Elastomers are flexible polymers that stretch substantially more than other materials and, like a spring, return to place when the pressure is released.... Read more

Cosmetic Antioxidants Market size worth US$159.101 million by 2027

The market for cosmetic antioxidants is expected to develop owing to increased demand for antioxidant items among the aging population and growing lifestyles,... Read more

HVAC Controls Market size worth US$20.354 billion by 2027

The emergence of industry 4.0 and swift penetration of automation technologies are anticipated to be one of the prime growth factors attributing to the... Read more

Global Electricity Transmission Poles Market size worth US$9.695 billion by 2027

The key factors for the growth of the Global Electricity Transmission Poles Market are the high energy consumption, rising electricity demand from a variety... Read more

Industrial hemp Market size worth US$7.976 billion by 2027

Industrial hemp from businesses such as personal care, F&B, and animal care all around the world. Hemp products are in high demand due to their high... Read more