Press Releases

Cellulose Fiber Market worth US$48.088 billion by 2026

Cellulose fiber also known as plant-based fiber is derived from the pulp of the woods or cellulose. Cellulose fiber is widely used in textiles and the... Read more

Hearth Market is estimated to reach a market size worth US$5.367billion by 2026

A hearth is a heating appliance that is used in cold climates to keep the user warm. Hearths have become popular among the people mainly due to the increasing... Read more

Air Purification Systems Market worth US$51.748 billion by 2026

Air purification systems refer to those devices that are utilized to decrease pollution levels in an indoor setting and therefore better the air quality.... Read more

Spirometers Market worth US$2.198 billion by 2026

Spirometers are instruments that measure ventilation, i.e. the flow and volume of air inhaled and exhaled by human lungs to conclude the health of lungs... Read more

Industrial Metrology Market worth US$15.117 billion by 2026

Industrial Metrology is the science of measurement which has been included in the manufacturing process for greater production. These machines are complex... Read more

Security Analytics Market worth US$22.705 billion by 2026

The prime factor driving the growth of the security Analytics market is increasing demand for analytics. Demand for analytics is showing tremendous growth... Read more

Human Machine Interface Market worth US$6.286 billion by 2026

The prime factor driving the growth of the Human-machine interface market is rising modernization, it develops the technologies, which makes the process... Read more

Laser Cleaning Market worth US$880.043 million by 2026

The prime factor driving the growth of the laser cleaning market is rising demand for use of laser cleaning systems in art restoration and conservation,... Read more

Global Wafer Handling Robots Market worth US$728.462 million by 2026

Demand for smaller and thinner wafers for a better circuit that occupies less space in the device has led in an increase in demand for wafer handling robots... Read more

Remote Patient Monitoring Market worth US$85.031 billion by 2026

Remote patient monitoring is the system of assisting the support of digital technologies to collect medical and various other forms of health data and... Read more