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Vacuum Interrupter Market - Forecasts from 2019 to 2024

A vacuum interrupter uses electrical contacts in a vacuum. It primarily helps in preventing accidents and damages of electrical equipment. They have applications in utility, oil & gas, and transportation industries as they require a continuous power supply. The utility sector has a significant market share. Increasing construction and development activities of the government in the developing countries is boosting its market. Increasing concern towards nature has shifted the market towards gas-f Read more...

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Visible LED Market - Forecasts from 2019 to 2024

Energy efficiency and a longer lifespan is a key factor attributing to the growth of the visible LED lighting market. Visible LED has several applications in electronic devices, automobiles, and lighting. The rapid increase in the usage of visible LED in commercial and industrial applications, government projects, and upcoming smart building projects are opening new avenues for growth of the visible LED market. Growing competition among the manufacturers has led to the steady decline the LED Read more...

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Photointerrupter Market - Forecasts from 2019 to 2024

Photointerrupter, also known as optointerrupter is a transmission-type photosensor, which typically consists of a light-emitting elements and light receiving elements aligned facing each other in a single package that works by detecting light blockage when a target object comes between both elements, acting as an optical switch. Photointerrupter is a non-contact(optical) switch that improves reliability by preventing wear-and-tear due to abrasion. Gallium arsenide Infrared LEDs are the most comm Read more...

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Automotive Lighting System Market - Forecasts from 2019 to 2024

Lighting has a significant value in the automobile industry. They have applications in the interior as well as the exterior of a vehicle. The automotive lighting system has a significant share in the global LED market. The growing production of automobiles is driving the market of the automotive lighting system. LED fog lights and headlights market is boosted due to increased concerns for road safety. Collision avoidance systems, infotainment, better lighting design, connected systems, and drive Read more...

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Automotive Rain Sensor Market - Forecasts from 2019 to 2024

The automotive rain sensor is a device that senses raindrops and automatically switches on the wiper. It detects the level of rain and controls the speed of the wiper. This device ensures the safety and ease of the driver by automatically clearing the windscreen. Increasing demand for convenience and safety of the driver is driving the market of automotive rain sensor. Increasing vehicle electrification and increasing the production of the automobile industry is boosting the market. Geographi Read more...

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Edge-Emitting Lasers Market - Forecasts from 2019 to 2024

Edge-emitting lasers is a type of semiconductor laser where the laser light is propagating parallel to the wafer surface of the semiconductor chip and is reflected or coupled out at a cleaved edge. There is a wide variety of laser types, including diode lasers, fiber lasers, diode-pumped solid-state lasers (DPSSLs), CO2 lasers and excimer lasers. Edge-emitting lasers are can be used as direct lasers or coupled with optical fibers or crystals to make fiber lasers or DPSSLs. Due to this edge-emi Read more...

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Consumer Electronics Market - Forecasts from 2019 to 2024

Consumer electronics have become increasingly popular over the past multiple years and this trend is estimated to continue during the forecast period. The demand for consumer electronics around the world is estimated to grow due to the rise in disposable income around the world. Furthermore, increasing advertisement and awareness about multiple devices in developing economies have expanded the opportunities for the consumer electronics market to grow. In addition to this, the increasing adopt Read more...

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Infrared LED Market - Forecasts from 2019 to 2024

An infrared LED is a solid-state lighting device that emits light in the infrared range of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum. Infrared LED has several uses in different industries. Infrared is used in CCTV cameras owing to its night vision feature. With the huge demand for CCTV for security, the market of infrared LED is also growing. Its demand in the consumer electronics sector is also boosting with the introduction of facial and iris recognition systems in mobile devices. Infrared sensor Read more...

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Lab on Chips Market - Forecasts from 2019 to 2024

A Lab-on-a-Chip is a device that integrates laboratory functions and helps to achieve automation and high-throughput screening. Lab on Chips is also known as Micro-Total Analytical System. It has several advantages. It Helps in system compactness; lower fabrication costs; better process controls due to faster response to the system; lower analysis time; and helping in increasing automation capabilities. The application of lab on chips is increasing in different fields of life because of its adva Read more...

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3D Depth Sensing Camera Market - Forecasts from 2019 to 2024

A 3D camera is an imaging device that replicates three-dimensional images as though it is experienced by human eyes. It measures the distance of each point of the player's body by transmitting invisible near-infrared light and measuring its "time of flight" after it reflects off the objects. 3D depth-sensing camera is one of the emerging technologies that provide enhanced quality pictures and videos to end-users. The global 3D sensing-camera market is influenced by a range of factors such as ris Read more...

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