Application Performance Management – An Essential Tool?

Application Performance Management is a method or procedure that is used for monitoring and managing the performance and the availability of software applications effectively. It is able to detect and diagnose the different and complex problems that are encountered in the performance during the operation of applications in order to maintain an expected level of service. AS the applications are becoming difficult to manage due to the movement towards highly distribute, multi-tier and multi-element constructs are relying on application development frameworks such as .NET or Java. The APM framework has been designed and developed in order to understand the APM Model completely and effectively. The basic dimensions that form a part of this model are End-user experience, which is a primary rea, The Runtime Application architecture, which is referred to as the secondary area, Business transaction, which is a primary area, Deep dive component monitoring, which is a secondary component and the final area is the Analytics/reporting which is a primary component.

There are some of the challenges that are faced while the deployment and the implementation of the Application Performance Management which are, the difficulty to instrument an application in order to facilitate the monitoring application performance, especially among the components of the application. The other one is the possibility of virtualizing the applications, which can increase the variability of the measurements. However, these challenges can be tackled by taking significant measures. The first challenge can be solved by making use of the ASM (application service managemtns0as it is able to provide an application-centric approach, where new the key objectives are business service performance visibility. The second aspect is among one of the major problems, as this aspect is present in the distributed, virtual, and cloud-based applications as these elements and components are no longer hosted on a single machine.

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Application Performance Management Market Trends

  • The penetration of the internet and the availability of high-speed internet services has resulted in the growth in the adoption of mobile and cloud computing services, which is leading to a surge in the demand for application performance management globally. In addition, the rising interest in big data and data analytics solutions in order to manage the exorbitant amounts of data being generated effectively, due to the spike in the usage in internet services by the various end-user industries, which is thereby, causing a spike in the demand for this Information and Communications Technology solution and boosting the market growth.
  • Furthermore, in order the streamline the different process within the industries such the proper logging of information, and management of operations and other important objectives, the trend of using automation solutions is gaining traction at a fast pace, which is resulting in a demand for application performance management software and solutions. This factor is augmenting the market growth further over the forecast period.
  • However, lack of complete, the technical knowledge in how to operate and maintain the products and solutions, coupled with the presence of complex application and UI designs is hampering the market growth

Product Launches, and Offerings by Industry Players in Application Performance Management Market Landscape

Moreover, the industry players are increasingly participating in the market to advance and enhance the application performance management solutions in order to effectively manage and make use of the data that is purchased from end-user industries, by integrating the latest data analysis and management technologies and encouraging the use of such solutions. Thus, they are involved in product launches and offerings to accelerate the development of the end-user industries, thereby boosting their market position and contributing to increasing the Application Performance Managementmarket size.

  • In November 2019, LogRocket, which is one the companies involved in the provision of computer solutions and products in order to enhance customer experience and the makers of first front-end application performance management software (APM), announced the launch of their new product, which is the first Front-End APM solution called the “LogRocket Metrics”. This product has been specifically developed in order to understand and solve the complex issues and the problems that arise in web applications. The different factors and issues that can be catered to and understood are network requests, JavaScript execution, local resource access, CPU load, and memory usage whether it comes from the back end, CDN layer, internet connectivity, JavaScript performance, client devices, or elsewhere.
  • In October 2019, Unravel Data, which is the only data operations platform that is able to provide a full-stack availability with AI-powered recommendations so as to provide more reliable performance in modern data applications announced the launch of their new product called “Unravel” that is an application performance management solution for the  Google Cloud Dataproc platform. Thus, that makes data workloads on the platform simpler and much cheaper to run. This solution also facilitates improvement in the efficiency of the data teams with extended management capabilities.


The market scenario presently is bolstering the use and adoption of application performance solutions for carrying out monitoring and analysis of different types of data that is being generated, and which are given utmost importance in the end-user industries and are in turn contributing to the market share it olds. The major use of this tool is owed to the burgeoning demand from the benefits the end-user companies and industries reap, by making use of big data analytics. In addition, the current market trends, are putting a lot of importance the effective management of the large amounts of data being generated in the healthcare industry to maintain the patients records carefully and efficiently, which is going to propel the growth of this industry in the years to come.

Furthermore, the new technologies such as 5G and its integration with this tool or for instance usage of cloud computing with this tool, increases the capabilities it holds and diversifies the various possibilities and applications it can be used for herby, allowing the market to bloom over the next five years. Thus, it will also provide an opportunity to the market player to strengthen their market position and cater to the demand globally. These factors will also play a major role in attracting different new players with improved solutions and contribute to the market positively, adding to its promising growth.