Online Streaming a New Way of Learning Music

Online Music Education Market is projected to expand at a CAGR of 16.62% during the forecast period.  Internet penetration in the world has been on a constant rise since 1995 when it was about 0.77% to reach about 50% in 2017 (source: World Bank). Transformations happening in the education sector like from watching educational videos on YouTube or similar applications to online courses, learning has become a more fun and an engaging activity. Online education has made study content more concise and expressive simultaneously with the use of audios, videos, and other graphics. Studying online is more convenient with regards to place and flexible with regards to time is an added advantage of online education. A wide range of courses is available from academics, employment or leisure perspective. Additionally, savings, in terms of cost and time, is also a demand booster of this industry. Children find learning online less intimidating and advantageous as they can ask questions without any fear and review lectures at any time if they miss something, as compared to the old learning methods.

Online education business will add more to the economy of the country by making people engage in improving their knowledge and skills through various certification programs and eventually increasing the GDP. People who are employed can study online after working hours and can get quality education from leading professionals and highly qualified professors from renowned universities without even attending B-schools. Students and teachers can also teach and earn at their convenience while building their skills and increasing their knowledge. Such education platforms can help in overcoming faculty shortage problem. Education is the most repaying sector where the return on investment is too high for the economy.

Music learning has changed all over as compared to the time when there used to be no computers and everything was done by paper and pencil. Now children do homework online, using iPads, smartphones, tablets, kindles and other electronic devices has increased a lot. Learning music has become easier with advancing technology. There are a lot of benefits of learning music online like:-

  • Users can learn at their own pace

Online learning is better as a user doesn’t have to rush through the course to complete in the given time frame. Users can learn as they want. There is no requirement to complete certain chapters or lessons in a given time. In private lessons or in schools teacher does need to rush through the syllabus to complete on time due to scarcity of classes. All kids had to study the same material and there wasn’t enough time to slow down and cater to the needs of every student. Teachers were required to complete the lessons in 30 minutes to complete the whole workbook by end of the season. Online studying has given the opportunity to students to pause if needed, re-watch it, rewind it, or start over again. They can learn at their own pace and go as slow or as fast as they want to.

  • Online learning saves you money

The music lesson is quite expensive but is worth the money spent. Private music teachers charge $15-$25 for a 30-minute lesson. An online course may just charge you once at the start of the course and you won’t need to spend extra money on getting the music sheets, lessons, and music theory. That you would have to spend additionally in a private class for getting the notes copied, making a separate file, extra efforts for keeping it safe. In online learning, you will have all this stored in one place and you can use it as many times you desire. Online learning saves money and time.

  • More Comfortable Learning Environment

Users will be more comfortable learning at their homes. Learning in comfy clothes and in their own living room will make them more happy and motivated. Learning at home or a place where they are at ease will make them concentrate better and keep them indulge in the activity. Online learning courses can be used not only through desktop or laptops but also on smartphones and tablets making it more convenient for the user. They can sit on the sofa and through mobile phones and tablets can continue to learn the course.

  • Users get to choose what they want to learn

Online learning lets the user choose what they want to learn. Users can scroll through the course options or lessons available and pick out looks interesting to them and start learning. Online education medium to provide a variety of options to choose from and can even choose the difficulty level. This feature makes it more user-friendly as the user doesn’t have to start a course from the beginning, he or she can continue to learn from the advanced version of the course. Online education website offers multi-course certificate programs like the Undergraduate Degree Program, Graduate Degree Program, Certification Programs, and Individual Courses.

The people are studying music as a subject, as people with at least music elective tend to perform better in other courses too. People having a passion for music try to develop knowledge about music from the past to the present; they study music history for advance knowledge. People find it relevant to invest time in learning music history to be able to express their thoughts with suitable words and become a better musician. Music TV shows and music festivals have and competition has made people incline towards extra-curricular activities as a career option specifically among youngsters. Music shows and festivals, and online music and video creation appeal to large audiences driving more people to pick up subjects related to Music.

Internet penetration and advancing technology has enabled music companies to provide music education online over the world. Online music education platforms use video conferencing, instant messaging, file sharing and digital white boarding to interact with users, this tools helps in making courses more interactive. The online music and video creation industry are creating more demand for online music education. Digital music tools like YouTube, Digital sheet music and apps and cloud-based system are transforming the music education industry from the traditional music learning process like providing free trial with an option to choose your teacher and even to switch course if not interested.

Geographically, the online music education market has been segmented as North America, South America, Middle East, and Africa, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. North America is projected to hold a noticeable market share in the online education market during the forecast period due to the digitalization of the music industry. Asia Pacific region to see steady growth in the forecast period due to huge investment in the music industry as the demand for learning western music and obtaining certification is increasing for online music education.