Paper Coating Materials – The Essentials For Good Paper Quality

Paper coating is a method that is used as a finishing process to treat paper and give it additional features. Paper coating materials are defined as the different types of substances that are used in order to coat the base paper, for the purpose of accelerating and improving its basic properties and in turn impart certain features to it, which include brightness, smoothness, and glossiness among others. The different types of paper coating materials have different features and different applications they are able to cater to effectively. The gloss-coated paper is shiny, is able to support high contrast and a vivid color definition unlike other types of coated papers, and is increasingly used for magazines, exhibits, and posters to draw attention. On the other hand, matte-coated papers are less shiny than the gloss-coated papers, similar to dull coated papers, is the least expensive kind of paper, and is used by many small businesses.

Paper coating is increasingly important as paper coatings such as glossy paper coating is able to facilitate the production and printing of high-quality photos possible with more accurate colors and limited contrast loss. Moreover, paper-coating materials are also able to give products an artisanal look as it can be used for wrapping purposes also.

Paper Coating Materials Market, By Product Segment

Different types of paper coating materials are used for enhancing the properties of the paper and board materials an impart glossiness, matte, smoothness among others.  Some of the types of paper coating materials, which are one of the essential parts of the chemical and materials industry are discussed below.


This type of pigment is also known as kaolin clay and is also one of the most commonly used pigments in the paper and packaging industries for the coating of the different grades of paper. It is able to enhance the printability of the paper and is able to facilitate the extension of paper fibers.

Titanium Dioxide

This pigment is used for the purpose of coating the paper materials and is generally used in small quantities and only case of applications which involve the requirement of properties such as extreme whiteness, opacity, or pitch control. In addition, it can easily improve the base paper quality and increases the brightness of the paper.

Calcium Carbonate    

Calcium carbonate is a type of coating pigment that is used most commonly and widely for paper and board grades. These are attached efficiently to the surface of the paper to be coated with the help of polyvinyl alcohol among some other materials. However, it cannot be used in the manufacture of acid paper is it is an alkaline type of coating pigment and can cause reactions. There are different types of calcium carbonates that are used as coating materials such as PCC (precipitated calcium carbonate) and GCC (ground calcium carbonates), but the PCC is increasingly preferred by the consumers.

Product Offerings by Market Players in Paper Coating Materials Market

The number of industries that are making the use of paper coating materials such as clays, calcium carbonates, and starch among others is increasing due to the growing concerns of the concerned about the quality of the papers produced for catering to the different industries. Thus, this is driving them to demand paper-coating materials in order to improve the product and enhance its overall properties. This is a factor, contributing to the increase in the paper coating materials market size. Moreover, the market players are highly involved and participating in the market to improve and enhance Paper coating materials products and to encourage the use of such products among the people. For example, Archroma, one of the leading companies dealing in the provision of dyes and speciality chemicals. It offers a product called the “Cartacoat”, which is able to facilitate the improvement of gloss properties of the lightweight coated paper by replacing the part so the coating such as kaolin. It shows the ability to be applied directly in the coating mix and is able to effectively maintain the gloss level. In addition, Omya AG, one of the leading companies dealing in the provision of industrial minerals provides a wide range of calcium carbonate products and auxiliary chemicals in order to cater to the demand for paper coating materials. It offers 4 calcium carbonate-based product families called the “Hydrocarb”, “Drycarb”, “Omyaglass”, “Omya Syncarb”.

The Hydrocarb family has different products for delivering high brightness qualities to the paper and contains ground calcium carbonates that can are used for both filling and coating purposes. Drycarb is a product family that includes all the dry or dried-ground calcium carbonate, these products are offered in large bags as well as water-soluble paper bags foe making the handling easier. These products have low anionic charge, easy storage, and excellent shelf life. The Omygloss are special pigments that are specifically designed to comply with the SC grades, and improving the features which include smoothness and gloss and Omya Syncarb are a product that is in the form of precipitated calcium carbonate, suited to meet the demands from the majority consumers and are most commonly used type. Therefore, these products offering by the market players in order to cater to the consumers effectively is aiding in boosting their market position and adding to their contributions towards fuelling the market growth.


Currently, a different type of calcium carbonate products for use as paper coating materials is expected to hold a significant share in this market and is anticipated to witness a fast growth rate in the upcoming years due to the burgeoning demand from the paper industry as well as the packaging industries.  With respect to current market trends, it is anticipated that the titanium oxide coating materials papers and boards will flourish in the upcoming years with demand being generated owing to the high amount of usage in the paper and packaging industry. There is a growing need for a well-developed and good-quality product, which has good durability, finish, and smoothness among other attractive characteristics. This is one of the major factors, which will continue to play a role in driving this market. In addition, it will attract many new entrants who will bring new and better changes and enhancement in paper coating materials. Thus, the market will remain competitive in the upcoming years and it is projected to show modest growth in the upcoming years.