Print Labels: Informative Oh Yeah!

Labels are no longer used only for attracting potential buyers. It has added new roles to their bucket list. With rising consumer awareness, their demand for knowing more about the products they consume have also risen. Print labels have now advanced to being a mode of efficient communication as well apart from being a branding tool that companies use to identify its products from their competitors’ product items. This is mainly due to the fact that with the evolving lifestyle of consumers worldwide, their quest for detailed product information before making a purchase has increased and they prefer paying for products according to their exact need. Hence, print labels with in-depth information are significantly gaining momentum.

Companies in the global print labels market are striving their best to satiate a huge consumer base with innovative printing solutions worldwide. For example, Dion label printing solutions provide exceptional printed labels and packaging contributing to making a lasting impact on its customers. The company has expertise in both digital and flexographic printing. For all the new and well-established brands, the company offers the same level of printing service. The company deals in prime labels, tamper labels, and eco-friendly labels under the labels category of offerings.

Print labels market

The growing consumption of packaged foods have surged the demand for print labels. One of the major reasons for high demand for packaged foods is attributed to the increasing urbanization and adoption of modern lifestyle by the consumers. Consumers are adopting a busy schedule and this have significantly put an impact on their dietary consumption patterns as well. Hence, these consumers are in constant demand for food products that come with a longer shelf life and are also quick in consumption in addition to being loaded with sufficient nutrients. Customers seek information regarding ingredients and calories with growing health consciousness, along with specific information such as a GMO product or a non-GMO product. It has been observed on a large scale that there is a growing trend of consuming vegan food across the world, this has also raised demand for informative print labels providing accurate information stating that the product is free from ingredients derived out of an animal source. Print label manufacturers are provided with immense opportunities to extend their production dedicated to this group of society, hence, further providing an opportunity to increase their market share in the global print labels market.

Growing Sustainability Trend Has Further Augmented the Demand for Eco-Friendly Labels, Driving the Market Growth

As companies are moving towards the adoption of sustainability in their production and packaging processes, they prefer to choose eco-friendly options and thus help in the reduction of carbon footprint. It has also been realized that the millennials are investing in purchasing from companies that practice environment friendly techniques. Thus, embracing eco-friendly labels will definitely contribute to increasing the consumer footprint and companies’ products will be in high demand among the millennial population along with providing green credibility.

Print Labels for pharmaceuticals: Pharmaceutical labels are usually printed on certified substrates and need special attention regarding brand protection and anti-counterfeiting. The labels for pharma products include drug and medical device labels among others. For protecting brands from bad practices, label converters invest in additional brand protection measures that include micro text and raised images. Additionally, pharma labels require fine details regarding the product for sale. The image quality of pharma labels needs to be legible for the end consumer. For label manufacturer, it is required to invest in advanced technologies that is capable of providing high-resolution printing. For brand protection and defeat counterfeiters label converters and brand owners have multiple options, one of them includes building counterfeit deterrence, product authentication, and brand protection technologies while designing a label. The other solution involves the combination of technologies for providing the most effective brand protection solution and changing the solutions frequently in order to stay ahead of the counterfeiter. Furthermore, by creating unique labels that cannot be reproduced can avoid counterfeiting of pharmaceutical goods, further raising print labels market growth prospects.

Print Labels for Cosmetics: For cosmetic packaging, print labels require to be attractive as aesthetics is indispensable when investing in cosmetic and beauty product labels. There are certain guidelines to follow regarding cosmetic labels. Misbranded labels are subject to stringent regulatory actions from the US FDA if the product label is found to be misleading or lack in providing essential information. The regulatory guidelines for cosmetic product labeling are as follows, on the principle display panel there should be an identity statement indicating the nature and use of the product through a name or a graphic representation that can be understood by the public. An accurate statement providing information regarding the net quantity of contents. On the information panel, there is a requirement to include name and place of business, distributor statement that must state manufactured or distributed by. An accurate list of materials in the product is to be clearly mentioned. Any warning or caution statements are also to be provided, and ingredients in the descending order of predominance must be written down clearly.

Additionally, in order to distinguish one brand from the other, there are other factors that can be included on the label. It will be easier for the audience to choose from a range of products and thus will contribute to providing distinction and prove to be a deciding factor for the customers. Such claims include vegan, cruelty-free or not tested on animals, alcohol-free, organic, and hypoallergenic. Lastly, another piece of information to be included involves an expiry date. It is the responsibility of a company to provide safety to their customers and keep them well informed regarding the product expiration.

The availability of special printing techniques is adding value to cosmetics in addition to putting style and function to the product labels. Examples include double-sided labels, hot foil stamping, embossed labels, waterproof labels, and hang tags. Custom hang tags provide extra information or key details that do not fit into the labels, also, they help in promoting special deals.