The Urban World Loves to Groom Its Pets

Pet grooming refers to the sanitary care and cleaning of a pet, as well as it involves a process by which a pet’s physical appearance is intensified by their owners. It involves all the products ranging from shampoo & conditioners to clippers & scissors. The availability of various high-quality products coupled with the growing number of product launches by major market players is also boosting the growth of the market over the forecast period. Also, today there is an increasing number of pet grooming institutes and schools in various parts of the world and even manufacturers and retailers are investing in product innovation, customization, and product line expansion to cater to the growing demand from pet lovers globally. Furthermore, pet grooming companies are trying innovative new products like deodorants, pet’s sunscreen, and other cosmetics products which further boost the product offerings thus propelling the market growth opportunities in the coming years. However, lack of knowledge and awareness about the information about the use of specific or specialized pet grooming products for the training and other purposes among the customers around the globe is expected to restraint the growth of the pet grooming market over the forecast period.

Growing Pet Humanization

When it comes to pets, humanization is considered as the attribution of human thoughts, feelings, and beliefs of non-human animals which is growing day by day. Today pet owners are increasingly treating their pets like members of their family and with the growing trend of the nuclear family in various economies, this concern is further increasing. Additionally, treating their pets as the family members there is also an increase in the demand for insurance of pets for a more stable and secure life. Therefore, pet humanization is considered as one of the prime driving forces for the growth of the pet grooming market. Owners with more involvement with their pets are expected to seek care from veterinarians more frequently and are less sensitive to the cost involved. According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA) in 2017 total spending on pets in America has reached nearly $69.35 billion. With the increase in the level of disposable income, the adoption of pets has also increasingly affected the market for pet's food directly which can impact the whole pet specific food and beverage industry. Providing proper and safe diet also increases the life span of the pets which further drives the growth of the market.

pet grooming market


Premium Products Getting Popularity

The growth of organic products attributed to the growing inclination towards organic products including shampoo and conditioners production in various parts of the world on account of rising support by the private sector. Furthermore, the various government initiatives regarding the promotion of organic products have also led to the implementation of various directives and standards by the Food Standards Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (in Thailand), regarding the promotion of organic-based products. Also, the increasing concerns regarding the health of animals are projected to be one of the key factors that are expected to drive the adoption of organic and advance grooming products.

The United States Holds a Substantial Share in the Pet Grooming Industry

According to the latest report by American Pet Products Association and Insurance Information Institute, Inc. the basic annual expenses for grooming aids of dogs and cats in 2019-2020 is around $73 and 43$ respectively.

pet grooming market

Source: American Pet Products Association, Insurance Information Institute, Inc, Knowledge Sourcing Intelligence Analysis

In addition, increasing the propensity of pet owners toward buying pet grooming and training products coupled with the growing number of natural and eco-friendly products is opening the growth opportunities for manufacturers and vendors during the forecast period. An increasing number of pets events, shows and competition are attracting major consumers to spend more on their pets grooming activities which is also boosting the growth of the pet grooming market in the coming years. For instance, in the United Kingdom, a significant number of dogs festival were organized in 2019 making it a place of attraction for both pet owners and pet products manufacturers. 

By distribution channel, the online source of sales channel for pet grooming products is projected to exhibit the highest CAGR over the forecast period owing to increasing penetration of smart devices and the internet in developing countries like Indonesia and India. Also, an increasing range of new and advanced products coupled with the rising customer loyalty through subscription and bonus/incentive programs are expected to drive the growth of the online channel segment.

Regional Analysis

North America and the European region are expected to hold the largest share in 2019 owing to the high adoption of street dogs and other pets coupled with the growing pet humanization. For instance, according to Pet Leadership Council, a significant amount of U.S. households has a dog and this share is s likely to increase in the coming years. Rising concerns over the protection of pets from the skin and other health allergies are driving the growth of the market in the region over the forecast period. In addition, Asia Pacific region is estimated to witness the substantial growth rate during the forecast period owing to rapid urbanization, the growing trend of nuclear families, coupled with the changing perception towards animals like dogs and cats among others, resulting in growth in the pet adoption rates in emerging countries like China and India.

Recent Updates

February 2020, Kane Biotech Inc a biotechnology company announced the launch of its silkstemTM (scientifically formulated anti-itch shampoo for dogs and cats) at the Global Pet Expo taking place at Orlando, Florida famous Orange County Convention Center.

February 2019, global leading haircare brand, MONAT, launched new dog shampoo and deodorizing spray A BREED APART™, which is a natural lightweight shampoo specifically formulated for a dog’s skin. The product can remove dirt and grime, giving the pet a fresh, clean, velvety coat of fur.