Biological Seed Treatment Market to reach US$1316.302 million by 2024

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The global biological seed treatment market size is expected to worth around US$1316.302 million by 2024 and to grow at CAGR of 12.94%.

Seed treatment refers to the utilization of chemicals or biological organisms to the seed for plantation purposes. Biological seed treatment empowers plants, seeds, and seedlings to control damage by pathogenic fungi. Additionally, natural seed treatment enhances nitrogen fixation, stimulates root development, cell division, and increases stress tolerance in plants. The toxicity caused due to chemical-based seed treatments has serious environmental concerns. But biological seed treatments are environment-friendly and impact more consistent plant growth and improved yield.

The non-chemical plants have an increased demand which is expected to boost the biological seed treatment market over the forecast period. Customer attitudes towards private hygiene and good food consumption have changed. So, this will help boost product supply and product demand. Furthermore, the growing population of older people is expected to further boost demand.

The items used in agricultural practices have expanded significantly as it assists with keeping away from seed-borne and soil-borne infections and ailments. Because of a reduced risk of surpassing residue boundaries and developing interest for sustainable agriculture, the item began gaining significance. Furthermore, a rising organic farming trend is expected to have a direct effect on the biological seed treatment market penetration.

The biological seed treatment market growth is mainly owing to customer preferences to have organic products over naturally grown products. The agrochemicals spray utilized during food production if biologically treated seeds are utilized. Biological seed treatment incorporates different procedures like antagonism, antibiosis, and mycoparasites. Every procedure has its own uses and disadvantages that affect the overall performance of the seeds. Healthy organic food requirement has increased considerably which in turn helped in biological seed treatment market growth. The governments are also promoting the use of these seeds which is also affecting the biological seed treatment market size. The factors hampering the biological seed treatment market growth is the lack of knowledge among farmers about the uses of these seeds and reluctance to change their traditional practices.

The seed enhancement segment includes bio-fertilizers and bio-stimulants. In total, they were assessed to represent a significant portion of the complete market. The major production companies associated with the biological seed treatment market is more focused on bio-fertilizers and bio-stimulants. Thus, the market for bio-fertilizers is the biggest and is expected to keep up its momentum in the future.

For the feed and chemical industries, soybean is an important protein and oil source. Soybean is a legume crop with natural nodule formations. Its seed inoculants are used to improve root length, water absorption, and nutrient uptake hence reduces early senescence and improves grain quality. In this manner, the biological seed treatment market growth is high during the forecast period.

The major reason for the biological seed treatment market growth is the highly streamlined product registration process, which makes it simpler for most private companies to launch their products without any problem. A large number of startup companies are getting attracted to the industry, the reason being lower investment requirement and limited gestation period. Moreover, due to the growing awareness among consumers against synthetic chemicals, these products are getting adopted on a huge scale.

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