Level Transmitter Market is projected to grow at a CAGR 4.49%

level transmitter market

Demand from a wide range of industries for continuous measurement to ensure seamless operations, growing infrastructural investments, and rapid research and innovations are collectively expected to drive the growth of this market.

What is a Level Transmitter?

Level Transmitter is an instrument that is employed for carrying out various industrial measurements to gauge the level of a variety of fluids in various conditions and find itself in a wide range of applications due to the different types of level transmitters that are found in the market.

The growth of level transmitter market is dependent on several factors as mentioned below

The market of level transmitter constitutes a diverse range of stakeholders which can be broadly categorized into the manufacturers, suppliers of sensors that form an integral part of the transmitter, distributors, and end-use infantries. The demand for this instrument is particularly driven by food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, oil and gas trade and regulations and norms in wastewater and water treatment plant which further augmented by the plethora of research and development and its wide range of application that has emerged as an essential integral component in a variety of industry. Above all this equipment satisfactorily meets the need for continuous monitoring enabling a business to ensure adequate control over operations and efficacious standards of performance. The market is further expected to witness a meteoric rise due to the increasing cognizance of the utilitarian benefits of the wireless level transmitters that have are best suited for a myriad of offshore applications. This type of level transmitters can be installed without much hassle and provides swifter outputs.

On the other hand, it may be noted that RADAR technology has made significant headway in the level transmitter market and is being increasingly preferred for the measurement of industrial application that is in turn expected to lead to a substantial growth of the level transmitter market. It utilizes the emission of microwaves to fathom the distance to surface simultaneously calculating the distance by the time needed for the pulse to contact the surface and reflect. Further, frequency, which is inversely proportional to the wavelength with regards to all kinds of transmission of electromagnetic nature, is a determinant that affects the performance of the measurement. Each industrial applications comes with its own set of challenges which makes it vital to consider the appropriate frequency bands which are for example C Band, K Band, W Band, and X Band, and have frequency range unique to each of them making the consideration of the same integral to a variety of radar level transmitter applications. Aeration tanks, boiling surfaces, propeller mixers, and recirculating fluids, among others, are various applications where installing RADAR level transmitters is the best strategic decision. Moreover, depending on the medium different types of this equipment depict varying levels of accuracy. These transmitters are best suited for unstable process conditions.  

Another major aspect that is expected to drive the growth of this market is the concern about food and beverage operational quality. Besides with regards to the markets of emerging economies and middle-income countries, growing foreign direct investments and as well as domestic budget allocation directed towards infrastructural development has occurred during recent times. Additionally, sectors such as chemicals, food & beverages, metals & mining, oil & gas, paper & pulp, and pharmaceuticals, have undergone immense value additions due to preference of for efficient measurement solutions and increasing recognition of non-contact-based transmitters as well as has achieved a noteworthy surge in their production capabilities that has driven the sales of radar level transmitters as well. These developments have further incentivized players of the market to come up with irresistible offers which have been exemplified by the reported introduction of newadditions to the OPTIFLEX series of guided radar (TDR) level transmitters by KROHNE  in December 2019 that is headquartered in Duisburg, Germany and is globally renowned for manufacturing and supplier of process instrumentation, measurement solutions.

As a part of the report,the major players operating in the level transmitter market which have been covered are General Electric, Siemens AG, WIKA Instruments, ABB Ltd., Fuji Electric, Yokogawa Electric Corporation, VEGA Grieshaber, KROHNE Group, Honeywell International, Inc. and Dwyer Instruments Inc.

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This report segmented the level transmitter market on the basis following terms:

    • By Technology

o    Ultrasonic

o    Radar

o    Capacitive

o    Differential Pressure

o    Others

    • By Type

o    Contact

o    Non-Contact

    • By Industry Vertical

o    Oil & Gas

o    Chemical

o    Food & Beverage

o    Energy & power

o    Others

    • By Geography

o    North America

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Mexico

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  • Others

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  • Germany
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  • Others

o    Middle East and Africa

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  • Israel
  • Others

o    Asia Pacific

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