Press Releases

Piezoelectric Devices Market size worth US$31.027 billion by 2027

Piezoelectric generators are in great demand due to a number of technological advancements, including miniaturisation, nano-scaling (such as nanogenerators),... Read more

SCADA Market size worth US$34.519 billion in 2027

The adoption of SCADA will be fueled by the demand for high productivity and data collecting across remote locations in upstream applications. Furthermore,... Read more

Electronic Wet Chemical Market size worth US$3308.455 million in 2027

Increasing consumer electronics adoption and the availability of a wide range of goods are driving demand for consumer electronics, which is likely to... Read more

Solid State Transformer Market is projected to grow at a healthy CAGR

The Solid-state Transformer (SST) which is also called Power Electronic Transformer (PET) is a modern network device that combines high or low-frequency... Read more

Global Transparent Ceramics Market size worth US$1,687.321 million by 2027

Over the years, transparent ceramics have received a lot of attention due to their significant contribution to aerospace and defense, consumer electronics,... Read more

Surface Inspection Market size worth US$5.911 billion by 2027

Surface inspection is a non-destructive method of examining geographic features and marking purported flaws in the manufactured item. Manufacturers typically... Read more

Occupancy Sensor Market size worth US$1,375.279 million by 2027

An occupancy sensor is an interior motion detector that recognizes the presence of a person and automatically activates lighting, temperature, or ventilation... Read more

Multi-Factor Authentication Market size worth US$34.497 billion by 2027

The rise of the MFA market may be linked to the increasing usage of cloud computing and the increase in security breaches. MFA is an essential component... Read more

Global 3D Scanner Market size worth US$3.019 billion by 2027

The key factors propelling the growth of the 3D scanner market are the rising adoption of reverse engineering in different industries such as automobile,... Read more

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Market size worth US$6,717.320 million by 2027

The increasing need for automotive fuel and rising fuel prices throughout the world are the primary factors driving the expansion of the Hydrogen Fuel... Read more