Press Releases

Global Pharmacovigilance Market is estimated to reach a market size of US$9.535 ...

The growing drug developments and consumption rates in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the growing toxicity and drug-related problems, are responsible... Read more

Global Nano cellulose Market worth US$1,429.903 million by 2027

The Nano cellulose market is expected to develop owing to its superior features and the increasing adoption of flexible packaging aids. These nanoparticles... Read more

Global Syngas Market is estimated to reach a market size of 398.307 GW in 2027

The growing demand for syngas in the chemical industry and its growing demand for the production of SNG, LNG, and CNG are responsible for stimulating the... Read more

Global Aprotic Solvents Market worth US$18.112 billion by 2027

The market for Aprotic Solvents is expected to develop owing to the steadily increasing use of solvents owing to advanced characteristics such as high... Read more

Pine-Derived Chemical Market worth US$13.703 billion in 2027

The growing demand for bio-based renewable alternatives for chemicals, as well as stricter government restrictions worldwide, is responsible for stimulating... Read more

3D Printed Footwear Market worth US$3,296.967 million by 2027

The primary factor influencing  the growth of the 3D Printed Footwear market Include the innovation and technology of customizing footwear based on... Read more

Carbon Monoxide Detectors Market worth US$673.626 million by 2026

Carbon monoxide detectors are devices that are employed to detect the presence of carbon monoxide in an indoor setting and therefore assist in protecting Read more

Antimicrobial Coating Market worth USD8.914 billion by 2026

Antimicrobial Coating is a coating applied to a surface to get protection against harmful micro-organisms. The increasing concern for the medical industry... Read more

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Market worth US$7,111.326 million by 2026

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are one of the most accepted and widely used capacitors in new emerging electronic devices. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors... Read more

Algaecides Market worth US$2.845 billion by 2026

Algaecides are the chemicals that are used in the water bodies like pools, lakes, ponds, etc. to prevent algae growth. Changing climatic conditions due... Read more