Press Releases

Gluten Feed Market size worth US$1.658 billion in 2027

Gluten Feed Market rise in the future years as market participants increase their investments in developing novel gluten feed products that are both high-quality... Read more

Construction Adhesive Tape Market size worth US$1,066.730 million by 2027

The market for Construction Adhesive Tape is expected to develop owing to adhesives' significant advantages over other bonding materials. Adhesives... Read more

Smart Vending Machine Market size worth US$11.522 billion in 2027

Smart vending machine market is the rise in demand for cashless transactions, fast digitalization, increased reliance on ATMs, and global internet penetration.... Read more

Hot Melt Adhesive Tape Market size worth US$33.532 million in 2027

The primary factor influencing the growth of the hot melt adhesive tape market is due to its broad demand for D.I.Y. applications, hot melt adhesive is... Read more

Automotive Testing Inspection and Certification Market worth US$31.600 billion i...

The growing number of new vehicle markets, as well as stricter regulatory restrictions implemented by governments worldwide, is responsible for stimulating... Read more

Membrane Separation Technologies Market size worth US$4.709 billion by 2027

The prime factor driving the growth need for wastewater treatment technologies and, as a result, membrane separation technology is increasing due to rising... Read more

Biologics Market is estimated to reach a market size worth US$735.219 billion by...

biologics market is chronic disease incidence and diagnosis are on the rise, necessitating the availability of sophisticated diagnostics and treatment... Read more

Thermal Barrier Coating Market size worth US$24.140 billion by 2027

The increasing number of high-temperature turbine power plant projects to meet the rising demand for green energy is expected to fuel the market growth... Read more

Laminating Adhesives Market size worth US$1,428.340 million by 2027

The market is primarily driven by expanding flexible packaging demand in the format of pouches, bags, or tubes in the developing retail sector. Flexible... Read more

3D Printing Powder Market size worth US$2.593 billion in 2027

The primary factor influencing the growth of the 3D printing powder market is increased applications in the automotive, construction, and aerospace industries,... Read more