Blister Packaging From Plastic to Sustainable

Blister packaging is the various types of the pre-formed plastic packaging that comprise of cavity made of thermoformed plastic and aluminium foil back and a paper. It is highly demanded for packaging of foods, toys, consumer goods and for medicines as it protects the contents from the contamination, humidity and opaque blister packaging protect against the heat and UV rays for extended periods of time. Contamination of the samples in the packaging only takes place when the protective barrier is broken. The blister packaging can be easy handled and transported which eliminates the necessity for the cartons and reduces the packaging cost.  Such wide application of the blister packaging has aided in gaining traction in the blister packaging market.

blister packaging market

The demand for the blister packaging is witnessing a rapid growth, owing to the high demand for the conveniently packaged products for the growing demand of consumer goods, pharmaceutical industry and in the foods and to fulfil the surging demands there is a rise in the manufacturing activities. The Covid-19 pandemic has led to the surge in the regulatory norms across the globe, the consumers have become more informed and aware, the manufactures are innovating the packaging to make it more hygienic and safer, the pandemic also increased the intake of OTC drugs which has further augmented the expansion of the blister packaging market.

The blister packaging manufactures are innovating the products, for instance the use of technologies such as Radio Frequency Identification Tags (RFID) in blister packaging along with the seal applied in the outer packaging, this provides the individual security throughout the supply chain. The rise in demand for the products that is easy-to-use and has convenient packaging along with the compliance with the safety regulation is driving the growth of the blister packaging market. The manufactures of the blister packaging to innovate the market and thus to widen the product differentiation advantages, are entering into the partnership with the technology companies to modernize the features of the blister packaging.

Market Size of the Blister Packaging Market

Blister packaging is highly in demand and is witnessing the increase in the sales footprint owing to its features such as cost effectiveness, product protection against UV rays and heat, safety, increased graphics area. The blister packaging is also the sustainable packaging solution. The increasing demand of the manufacturing, regulatory organization and consumers for the level of product safety, extended shelf life and product integrity is making the blister packaging the practical option.

The blister packaging is segmented by types as slide, wallet and compartment. The compartment segment holds the major share of more than fifty percent in the blister packaging market, it is widely demanded in the industries of food, retail and healthcare industry. The slide and compartment type of blister packaging is expected to advance due to development in the retail sector in the developing regions like China, India and Japan on the account of increase in the disposal income of the population and improvement in the economic conditions.

The demand for the packaging is growing steadily due to the pharmaceutical industry is advancing the production. This is pressurizing the industry for the packaging that is distinct and hard to imitate as the effective method of anti-counterfeit, complying with the government regulations against the counterfeit drugs.  The pharmaceutical industry demands the convenient packaging that is suitable for the patients as most of the consumers store the drugs in the variant atmosphere which can be harmful to the unprotected medicines.  The upsurge in the focus towards medicine adherence and patient compliance is one of the main drivers for the blister packaging market growth.

Market Growth of Blister Packaging Market

The escalation in the requirement for the tamper-free, compliance with the safety regulations along with the demand for easy-to-use packaging products and convenient packaging is proliferating the demand for the blister packaging. Blister packaging is the sustainable solution and is witnessing high demand owing to the surge in the manufacturing activities. The blister packaging is used by the healthcare industry, food and consumer industry.

The rise in the number of cases of diseases, changing consumer lifestyle, impact for the growth of the chronic lifestyle diseases and change in the lifestyle of the consumers is driving the need for the medications like OTC drugs and monitored dosage system and thus, is advancing the pharmaceutical industry especially in the emerging Asia-Pacific and South American regions. Pharmaceuticals is one of main market of the blister packaging market growth as the packaging in widely adopted option across the globe.

Technological advancement in the industries of the food and pharmaceutical have enabled the manufactures of those industry to innovate and incorporate the technologies in the products such as Radio Frequency Identification Tags (RFID) in the blister packaging to simplify the supply-chain management. Other features include anti-lock mechanism, child resistant packaging and pressure-sensitive are modifying the packaging features. The rigid policy of the government to control the probability of the counterfeit of drugs is powering the growth of the market. The pharmaceutical industry is complying with the rule by developing unique, hard to imitate packaging which is necessary to maintain the product integrity.

Blister packaging innovation such as downsizing and low prices has predicted to grow the market of blister packaging during the forecasted period. The Covid-19 pandemic has advanced and positively influenced the growth of the market

Packaging Industry

The international organization’s rigid regulations and the hard directives of the local regulatory bodies is disturbing the import, export and trade of the products which is hindering the market growth of the blistering packaging. The sustainable programs for the environmental conservation and the stringent regulation of the government for plastic is hampering the market growth of blister packaging as the packaging contains mainly plastic. Blister packaging is not appropriate for the packaging of the heavy materials which threatening the application thus the growth of the market.

However, the manufactures of the blister packaging market are updating the product with the aid of technological advancement towards the motive of the sustainable packaging concern to provide more opportunities to the blister packaging. The blister packaging market by technology is segmented as cold formed and thermoformed packaging. Thermoformed blister packaging holds a major share in the market due to its widespread use in the consumer goods, food and pharmaceutical products. The necessity to maintain the integrity of the blister packaging is bolstering the growth of the market.

The rise in the personal care products and the FMCG industry has led to packaging solutions that are versatile, inexpensive and reliable which is driving the blister packaging market growth. By geography, Asia Pacific is dominating the market on account of increasing manufacturing industry and rapid urbanization, Whereas, North America region holds major share and with rise in the health concerns in increasing the health spending on the drugs.