Pet Wellness and Its Influence on Pet Grooming Market

For more than 10000 years human beings have had animals as their pets. The reasons were mainly for the employment of animals in activities like agriculture where their role used to be that of working animals or as farmed animals for food. Further, the Palaeolithic societies are also thought to have practiced keeping pets as observed by the ways of the hunter? gatherer societies relatively of recent times. To surmise the aforesaid, it was mainly to aid in household/communal sustenance. This later evolved into the mainstream practice of keeping pets, which entailed the associated activities of caring and feeding the companion animals that have evidently become globally widespread. On the other hand, the widespread use of animal imagery in films that feature trained animals to portray a variety of roles and convey a broad spectrum of social messages, are also partially responsible for augmenting the preference of animals to be kept as companions. Moreover, the growing realization of various advantages that ensues the bond that develops between the human being and companion animal that includes, an enhanced degree of fitness, stress reduction, the aggrandizement of joie de vivre that ultimately aids in the achiever of decrease levels of cholesterol, reduced blood pressure levels, diminished triglyceride levels. Furthermore, the adoption of pets also increases the frequency of outdoor activities that are inclusive of but not limited to more opportunities for socializing and exercises. These developments have led to a sudden uptick in the adoption of companion animals globally, which also translates to the willingness of pet owners to walk that extra mile to keep them well-fed and healthy and consider them as an integral member of their family.

pet grooming market

Therefore, the felt need for walking that extra mile for companion animals is driving the growth of the pet wellness segment, particularly catapulting the global pet grooming market growth to new heights. Thus, the expectations of today’s pet parents have ultimately led to the evolution of preferences that seek more humanized offerings than the erstwhile preferences for products with relatively superior quality. Humanized offerings insinuate the aspirations for pet grooming product options that reflect the same concern for health and wellbeing, which would impact consumer choices when engaged in purchasing activities pertaining to products meant for human consumption. Therefore, this development has resulted in the establishment of the desired quality to be relatively higher, making it the new yardstick for pet grooming product manufacturers. Consequently, the players in this market are increasingly endeavoring to deliver the quality that not only competes with the traditional pet grooming products but also with that of products intended for human consumption, that is by default regarded by pet parents as comparatively innocuous and are bereft of ingredients, which aren’t derived naturally. Therefore, the predilection for higher functionalities that is portrayed by pet parents while making a purchase for their consumption is also shared while a purchase of pet grooming products is made making it a healthier choice than an indulgent one.

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pet grooming market

Source: FEDIAF

Thus, the blurry lines resulting from the evident humanization of pets may lead to improper understanding of animal needs leading to uninformed measures taken towards ensuring animal welfare, even though companion animals may be treated as members of the family. Therefore, this need is being increasingly felt by today’s pet parents who are increasingly seeking various means to keep themselves abreast of the ways by which they can provide premium care for the beloved animal companions. This leaves an ample room of opportunity for the pet wellness sector, particularly that of the pet grooming market players to invest in research and development to bring about new product innovation in the pet grooming market. The other segment that is primarily aiding in the meteoric rise of the pet grooming market is the emergence of a tourism sector that is conducive to the pet grooming market. Hotels like Hoshino Resorts KAI Kinugawa, Japan where the pets are offered private hot spring bath among others. Further, with given demographic trends of Japan where individuals are more prone to adopt pets as there are lesser marriages, that too makes it a favorable market for pet grooming products. Another worth mentioning is Hawley House in Tasmania, among others, that welcomes cats, dogs, ferrets, horses, rabbits, and even chickens offer the option of stable spa rooms for the pets as well as the allowing pets to join their parents for a soak in the establishment's outdoor bath.

Besides these premium establishments a plethora of residential pet grooming services, fueled by the aforementioned need, have become operational in recent years. Simultaneously with services they are also offering the benefit of conveniences whereby the pet parents can avail various grooming packages for their beloved companion animals at a place and hour convenient to them. Further, they also provide services, which are along the lines of the new trend of dog grooming that shifts away from the traditional grooming Viz. colorful highlights, dreadlocks, among others which also necessitate the application of pet grooming products. The profusion has led to developments of one of kind mobile platforms like Groomit that was launched in May 2018 enabling pet parents and groomers to connect with each other to facilitate the aforementioned. Therefore, giving rise to the demand for pet grooming products like trimming tools, shear, shampoo, conditioner, comb, brush, etc. that are anticipated to facilitate the growth of the global pet grooming market in the coming years.

This demand has been evidenced by a few strategic initiatives by pet wellness organizations. For instance, in 2020, during June it was reportedly announced that the Company of Animals that is based out of the UK will launch a range of products pertaining to dental hygiene intended for puppies and dogs. The mission is not only to provide the means to facilitate the needful but also enable pet parents to introduce brushing and dental care when dogs are young and can be trained with relatively more ease. The range comprises of dental water additive that can be added to drinking water as well as mouth spray along with a 360° toothbrush. Therefore, with such opportunities and drivers, the pet grooming market size is poised to grow at a CAGR of 4.76% to reach the unprecedented heights, which is to the tune of US$ 22.589 billion in 2025 from US$ 17.092 billion in 2019.