Automatic Milking System Market - Forecasts from 2018 to 2023

Automatic Milking System Market - Forecasts from 2018 to 2023

The Automatic Milking System market was valued at US$XX.XX billion in 2017 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of XX.XX% over the projected period to reach a total market size of US$XX.XX billion by 2023. Automatic Milking Systems (AMSs) have been gaining popularity since their commercialisation in 1990s. These systems facilitate automatic milking of dairy animals with minimum requirement for human labour. Continuously increasing global population has been a major factor shaping the growth of this market. According to a data from the United Nations, the world, in 2017, had a total population of nearly 7.53 billion and this figure is expected to reach 8.5 billion by 2030 and 9.7 billion by 2050. This increase in population has been affecting the availability of food and dairy products, thus increasing the demand for advanced processes and techniques which can help producers meet this demand. This is increasing the demand for automatic milking systems. Increasing focus of dairy farm owners towards improving their margins is another factor contributing to the growing demand for these systems. High labour costs and significantly high costs associated with the cleaning and maintenance of herds and dairy harm are steering many farm owners towards automatic milking systems as these systems do not require much manual labour and at the same time, reduce waste generation in the farms. Advanced AMSs allow farm owners to better milk and manage their herds, which is increasing their demand in many regions across the globe. However, high cost of these systems is restraining their adoption especially in various emerging economies. Low financial support from the governments is further restraining the adoption of these systems despite significant cost advantage they provide in the long run. Yet, the market is anticipated to witness a solid growth over the projected period as various programs from the governments are aimed at spreading awareness regarding the latest advancements in this sector and their potential benefits to the dairy farm owners.

Geographically, the market has been segmented into North America, South America, Europe, Middle East and Africa and Asia Pacific. These regions have been further segmented into countries to give a better view of the market in each of these regions. North America holds a major share in this market and this large share is mainly due to high spending capacity of dairy farm owners in developed economies. Significantly high awareness regarding the latest advancements in this sector and the profitability associated with the use of various practices has also been contributing to the high adoption of automatic milking systems in this region. Europe is another region which holds a significantly large share in this market. Flourishing food and beverage industry in this region has been one of the major drivers for the market in this region. Continuously increasing focus of industry players towards ensuring high quality and continuous supply of milk for food and beverage while ensuring better management of herds, is increasing the adoption of these milking robots in this region. The market in Asia Pacific is expected to witness a good growth in this market over the projected period. This growth will majorly be attributed to favourable initiatives by the governments to enable dairy farm owners to adopt new technologies in their farms and increase their yield and profits. Various programs by governments in many regions are aimed at spreading awareness among the farm owners about best practices in dairy farms. Investments by key market players into strengthening their sales channels in this region are supporting the adoption of automatic milking systems, thus fuelling the market growth. Other regions like South America and Middle East and Africa are also showing good market growth and further investments in these regions and support from the governments will continue to drive the market growth throughout the forecast period.

Major industry players profiled as part of the report are DeLaval Inc., GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft, Lely, SAC, Fullwood Packo and miRobot.


The Automatic Milking System (AMS) market is segmented by type, component, and geography.

By Type

Single-stall Units

Multiple-stall Units

Automatic Milking Rotary (AMR)

By Component



By Geography

North America

United States




South America










Middle East and Africa

Saudi Arabia




Asia Pacific







Key Questions answered by the report

What is the Automatic Milking System (AMS) market size from 2018 to 2023?

How are the major drivers and restraints affecting the automatic milking system market and the opportunities which exist for the key vendors?

Which segment and region will drive or lead the market growth and why?

A comprehensive analysis of competitive landscape and key market participants behaviour

Key strategies being adopted by vendors, with in-depth analysis of their impact on competition and market growth.

1. Introduction
2. Research Methodology  
2.1. Research Process And Design
2.2. Research Assumptions
3. Executive Summary
4. Market Dynamics
4.1. Market Segmentation
4.2. Market Drivers
4.3. Market Restraints
4.4. Market Opportunities
4.5. Porter’s Five Force Analysis
4.5.1. Bargaining Power Of Suppliers
4.5.2. Bargaining Power Of Buyers
4.5.3. Threat Of New Entrants
4.5.4. Threat Of Substitutes
4.5.5. Competitive Rivalry In The Industry
4.6. Life Cycle Analysis- Regional Snapshot
4.7. Market Attractiveness
5. Automatic Milking System Market by Type
5.1. Single-stall Units
5.2. Multiple-stall Units
5.3. Automatic Milking Rotary (AMR)
6. Automatic Milking System Market by Component
6.1. Software
6.2. Hardware
7. Automatic Milking System Market by Geography
7.1. North America
7.1.1. United States
7.1.2. Canada
7.1.3. Mexico
7.1.4. Others
7.2. South America
7.2.1. Brazil
7.2.2. Argentina
7.2.3. Others
7.3. Europe
7.3.1. UK
7.3.2. Germany
7.3.3. France
7.3.4. Italy
7.3.5. Others
7.4. Middle East and Africa
7.4.1. Saudi Arabia
7.4.2. UAE
7.4.3. Israel
7.4.4. Others
7.5. Asia Pacific
7.5.1. Japan
7.5.2. China
7.5.3. India
7.5.4. Australia
7.5.5. Others
8. Competitive Intelligence
8.1. Investment Analysis
8.2. Recent Deals
8.3. Strategies of Key Players
9. Company Profiles
9.1. DeLaval Inc.
9.2. GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft
9.3. Lely
9.4. SAC
9.5. miRobot
9.6. Fullwood Packo
9.7. List is not exhaustive
List of Figures
List of Tables

DeLaval Inc.

 GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft



 Fullwood Packo


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