Feed Yeast Market Size, Share, Opportunities, And Trends By Type (Live Yeast, Spent Yeast, Yeast Derivatives), By Form (Fresh, Dry), By Animal (Swine, Poultry, Aqua, Others), And By Geography - Forecasts From 2023 To 2028

  • Published : May 2023
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The feed yeast market is projected to grow steadily during the forecast period.

Due to its capacity to scavenge oxygen from the rumen, yeast helps the ecosystem be more conducive to growth. The rumen, growth, small intestines, immunity, and overall health of cattle are all improved by the inclusion of yeast in animal feed. Since the inclusion of yeast in domestic animal diets and in animal feed, the performance and health of domesticated animals have both improved. The most popular yeast in animal feed is Saccharomyces cerevisiae. In addition to brewer's dried yeast, primary dried yeast, and torula dried yeast are also frequently found in animal feed. Animal performance is enhanced by the use of animal feed yeast, which modifies rumen fermentation to enhance nutrient absorption, lower the danger of rumen acidosis, and improve nutrient digestion. Since yeast has high energy content and is rich in protein and amino acids, it enhances animal feed supplements. Viable yeast products are included in the animal feeds in an effort to potentially have a probiotic impact.


  • Growing research initiatives are expected to aid the market for feed yeast

Researchers from Kansas State University tested cat meals containing pea protein concentrate, soybean meal, and chicken meal against those containing torula yeast in October 2022. The researchers gathered information on production factors while testing the cat diets for digestibility and flavor. The biggest kibble diameter, piece volume, and sectional expansion ratio were found in the Torula yeast cat food. The yeast was also significantly softer than the other diets and had the lowest bulk and piece densities. There was no difference between the other foods in the palatability tests; however, cats preferred torula yeast diets more often than chicken meal. The yeast diet exhibited a lower rate of fat absorption than the other diets, whereas chicken meal had higher apparent gross energy absorption than torula.

  • Rising meat consumption around the world and advances in the animal feed sector.

The market for feed yeast is expected to rise as a result of the increased focus on animal health and welfare. Furthermore, it is predicted that the ban on the use of antibiotic growth promoters in the feed may propel market growth for feed yeast. In the upcoming years, it is anticipated that developments in the animal feed industry and yeast's potential as a source of protein will create more prospects for the feed yeast market. The benefits of probiotic yeast may potentially spur significant growth in the feed yeast industry. Additionally, yeast stimulates an immunological response to block infections from entering the body. As a result, this element supports the feed yeast market's expansion. The risk of zoonotic disease transmission has risen exponentially in the past few years. Thus, yeast in animal feed is required to largely reduce the threat of the spread, which is expected to propel the market expansion for feed yeast.

Recent Developments

Phileo by Lesaffre introduced a special program in April 2022 with the goal of enhancing tilapia gut health and assisting in illness preventive measures. Utilizing Phileo's functional yeast probiotics and post-biotics, the Aquasaf tilapia program was developed to maximize the production, profitability, and sustainability of tilapia farming. The program offered growers recommendations based on research to deal with some of the biggest problems like the deaths brought on by Aeromonas hydrophila and Streptococcus agalactiae infections, the reduced growth brought on by oxidative stress, the financial losses brought on by poor gut health, and the inefficiency of feed conversion, all while avoiding the use of chemical and antimicrobial agents.

Both North America and Asia Pacific are predicted to have steady market expansion in the feed yeast industry throughout the forecast period. These regions currently hold sizable market shares.

The modernization of livestock production has received more attention in the Asia-Pacific region due to the rising demand for meat and meat products. The importance of providing farm animals with optimum nourishment has also been recognized by the farmers. Due to this, the use of feed additives like yeast has expanded in this region in an effort to boost animal productivity and health. The market for feed yeast in North America is anticipated to expand significantly as a result of expanding desire from the substantially evolved animal nourishment sector. Additionally, it is projected that during the forecast period, a rise in the usage of yeast and pathogen elements in the animal nutrition industry would further fuel the development of the feed yeast market in this region.

Over the projected period, the poultry sector is expected to hold significant market shares of the feed yeast market in terms of animal segmentation.

One of the key reasons propelling the expansion of the poultry feed yeast market is the rise in global demand for high-quality food products. The major purposes of adding yeast to chicken feed are to give it a rich flavour and colour and to improve the nutritional content of the meal, both of which are projected to promote the market's expansion in the poultry industry. The market is also influenced by the increased consumer preference for protein-rich foods like meat and eggs as well as the significant need for animal food supplements brought on by an increase in livestock production. The market for poultry feed yeast is also optimistically influenced by the development in health consciousness, the need for animal-based products, and the increased desire for enhanced meat value and egg production.

Feed Yeast Market Scope:


Report Metric Details
Growth Rate CAGR during the forecast period
Base Year 2021
Forecast Period 2023 – 2028
Forecast Unit (Value) USD Billion
Segments Covered Type, Form, Animal, and Geography
Regions Covered North America, South America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific
Companies Covered ADM Nutreco, Ohly Alltech Inc., LALLEMAND Inc., Leiber,  AngelYeast Co., Ltd.
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Key Market Segments

  • By Type
    • Live Yeast
    • Spent Yeast
    • Yeast Derivatives
  • By Form
    • Fresh
    • Dry
  • By Animal
    • Swine
    • Poultry
    • Aqua
    • Others
  • By Geography
    • North America
      • USA
      • Canada
      • Mexico
    • South America
      • Brazil
      • Argentina
      • Others
    • Europe
      • Germany
      • France
      • United Kingdom
      • Spain
      • Others
    • Middle East And Africa
      • Saudi Arabia
      • Israel
      • Other
    • Asia Pacific
      • China
      • Japan
      • India
      • South Korea
      • Indonesia
      • Taiwan
      • Others

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

2021 has been taken as the base year in the feed yeast market.
Prominent key market players in the feed yeast market include ADM, Nutreco, Ohly, Alltech Inc., LALLEMAND Inc., and Leiber, among others.
The global feed yeast market has been segmented by type, form, animal, and geography.
The feed yeast market is expected to rise as a result of the increased focus on animal health and welfare.
North America and Asia Pacific are predicted to hold a sizable share of the feed yeast market.


1.1. Market Overview

1.2. Market Definition

1.3. Market Segmentation


2.1. Research Data

2.2. Assumptions


3.1. Research Highlights


4.1. Market Drivers

4.2. Market Restraints

4.3. Porters Five Forces Analysis

4.3.1. Bargaining Power of Suppliers

4.3.2. Bargaining Powers of Buyers

4.3.3. Threat of Substitutes

4.3.4. The Threat of New Entrants

4.3.5. Competitive Rivalry in Industry

4.4. Industry Value Chain Analysis


5.1. Introduction

5.2. Live Yeast

5.3. Spent Yeast

5.4. Yeast Derivatives


6.1. Introduction

6.2. Fresh

6.3. Dry


7.1. Introduction

7.2. Swine

7.3. Poultry

7.4. Aqua

7.5. Others


8.1. Introduction

8.2. North America

8.2.1. USA

8.2.2. Canada

8.2.3. Mexico

8.3. South America

8.3.1. Brazil

8.3.2. Argentina

8.3.3. Others

8.4. Europe

8.4.1. Germany

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8.5. Middle East And Africa

8.5.1. Saudi Arabia

8.5.2. Israel

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8.6. Asia Pacific

8.6.1. China

8.6.2. Japan

8.6.3. India

8.6.4. South Korea

8.6.5. Indonesia

8.6.6. Taiwan

8.6.7. Others


9.1. Major Players and Strategy Analysis

9.2. Emerging Players and Market Lucrativeness

9.3. Mergers, Acquisition, Agreements, and Collaborations

9.4. Vendor Competitiveness Matrix


10.1. ADM

10.2. Nutreco

10.3. Ohly

10.4. Alltech Inc.

10.5.  LALLEMAND Inc.

10.6.  Leiber

10.7.  AngelYeast Co., Ltd.




Alltech Inc.



 AngelYeast Co., Ltd.