Global Automotive Wiper Motor Market Size, Share, Opportunities And Trends By Product Type (Brush And Brushless DC Motor, Stepper Motor), By Vehicle Type (Passenger Vehicle, Light Commercial Vehicle, Heavy Commercial Vehicle), By End-User (OEMs, Aftermarket) And By Geography - Forecasts From 2019 To 2024

Published: Mar 2020 | Report Code:  KSI061613125 | Pages:  127

The global automotive wiper motor market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.36% during the forecast period, reaching a total market size of US$5.741 billion in 2024 from US$4.445 billion in 2018. The growth is attributed to the increasing production and demand for vehicles.

Wiper Motor is a component that is an important part of the wiper system which is used to clean the windshield and provide the driver with a clear and unobstructed view of the road. A wiper motor is an electromechanical component that powers the windshield wipers. The wipers move radially across the windshield to remove any debris, water or snow to provide an unobstructed view. With the help of linkages, the rotational motion of the wipers is converted into to and fro motion of the wiper. The most commonly used motor in the wiper system is the DC motor.

The need for safer driving on the road the windshield has to be clean so that drivers can view the road properly is going to drive the market over the coming years. The key players are investing in bringing new technology wiper systems like the rain-sensing wiper systems which deploy the wiper blades when the rain sensor senses rain on the windshield. Also, some SUVs and other big cars come with a rear windshield wiper, these factors will also play a role in driving the market.

By Product Type

By product type, the global automotive wiper motor market has been segmented as brush and brushless dc motor and stepper motor. Brush and Brushless DC Motor holds a significant amount of share in the market as they are increasingly common in the wiper system of all types of cars.

By Vehicle Type

By vehicle type, the global automotive wiper motor market has been segmented as a passenger vehicle, light commercial vehicle and heavy commercial vehicle. Though all vehicles come fitted with the wiper motor, passenger cars hold a significant share due to the higher demand for passenger cars.

By End-User

By the end-user, the global automotive wiper motor market has been segmented as OEMs and aftermarket. OEMs hold a significant share in the market owing to the fact that all vehicles are included with a wiper motor in their wiper system.

By Geography

Geographically, the global automotive wiper motor market is segmented as North America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia-Pacific, and South America. The Asia Pacific holds a great amount of share in the market owing to the increasing amount of demand and production in the region.

The global automotive wiper motor market has been analyzed through the following segments:

By Product Type

  • Brush and Brushless DC Motor

  • Stepper Motor

By Vehicle Type

  • Passenger Vehicle

  • Light Commercial Vehicle

  • Heavy Commercial Vehicle

By End-User

  • OEMs

  • Aftermarket

By Geography

  • North America

    • United States

    • Canada

    • Mexico

  • South America

    • Brazil

    • Argentina

    • Others

  • Europe

    • Germany

    • France

    • United Kingdom

    • Spain

    • Others

  • Middle East and Africa

    • Saudi Arabia

    • Israel

    • UAE

    • Others

  • Asia Pacific

    • China

    • Japan

    • South Korea

    • India

    • Others