Global Valerian Root Extract Market Size, Share, Opportunities, And Trends By Type (High Purity, Low Purity), By Application (Cosmetic, Food And Beverages, Medical), And By Geography - Forecasts From 2024 To 2029

  • Published : Jan 2024
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The valerian root extract market is projected to grow considerably during the forecast period

Valerian (scientific name Valeriana officinalis) is a perennial plant that is commonly cultivated in Europe and parts of Asia. It is known for its distinctive odour that some may find unpleasant. Valerian has several other names, which include setwall (English), Baldrianwurzel (German), Valerianae radix (Latin), and Phu (Greek). The genus Valerian consists of over 250 species but the species that is used for the majority of the products and extracts is V. officinalis, which is used in the United States and Europe. Valerian is commonly used as a remedy for sleep disorders, which include insomnia, anxiety, stress, and many other mental issues. There are a variety of valerian preparations in the market, which include roots, rhizomes, and stolon. These dried roots can be used to prepare teas or tinctures, whereas the dried plant materials and extracts can be used for the production of capsules or incorporated into tables and are also known to be combined with other botanicals.


Valerian root extract is the extract that is acquired through the dried valerian roots. Valerian roots are known to provide sleep remedies and can be added to teas, capsules, and tinctures. It has been also known to improve sleep and reduce anxiety but is not advised for those affected with long-term insomnia. Valerian root is commonly consumed as a dietary supplement in the U.S.A. and Europe and is considered a safer alternative to prescription sleeping aids. The use of valerian root for medical purposes dates back to ancient Greece and Rome, where people who were affected by migraine, stomach cramps, tiredness, and insomnia were treated with valerian. Currently, people consume valerian to help in reducing insomnia, anxiety, menopause, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), depression, and headaches.  Valerian roots are generally dried and used as a dietary supplement that can be added to tea, tincture, capsules, or tablets. Valerian root supplements are very popular in European countries as a natural sleep aid. As per the Sleep Foundation, the survey conducted displays that people from the U.S. consumed valerian root due to sleep disorders, and are more preferred over melatonin. Since valerian root extracts are commonly used as a remedy for sleep disorders, the increasing prevalence of sleep disorders in the world can be a factor that fuels the global valerian root extract market growth during the forecasted period of 2024-2029.

Market Drivers:

  • Prevalence of sleeping disorders: Sleeping disorders are one of the major factors that lead to an increase in the consumption of valerian root extract. As per the Sleep Foundation, 50 million to 70 million people have shown signs of ongoing sleep disorders, the majority of which include insomnia, sleep apnea, and narcolepsy. It has been also found that 39% to 47% of sleep disorders are from perimenopausal women and 35% to 60% are from postmenopausal women. It has been also shown that sleep disorders are hereditary. Due to the increasing burden of sleep disorders, people will start to show interest in remedies that can cure their sleeping problems, which increases awareness of valerian roots. Valerian is known to act as a sedative to the brain and nervous system. This helps in calming the nervous system and reduces fatigue in the brain, which provides them with improved sleep and reduced anxiety. Hence, the increase in the prevalence of sleep disorders can provide the necessary fuel for the valerian root extract market growth during the forecasted period.

Key Players:

  • BioTae Group: A Brazilian multinational company that is known for developing and manufacturing botanical extracts and specialities. They promote partnerships with other companies, expanding and improving the practices of communities with a sustainable supply of raw materials and guaranteeing the origin of their products.
  • Nutra Green Biotechnologies Co., Ltd.: A well-known global company that is known for its research and innovation on natural raw materials that are used by the health industry. They produce high-quality herbal raw materials that are used by the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, skincare, and supplement production factories.
  • JIAHERB, INC.: JIAHERB is a certified cGMP, ISO series. Kosher and Halal Company, is known for the development and manufacturing of botanical extracts and their derivatives. They have strong R&D capabilities coupled with advanced technology which allows them to make innovations in herbal extracts that serve the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and cosmetic industries.

Regional Analysis:

The North American region is expected to witness significant growth in the valerian root extract market during the forecasted period of 2024- 2029. The factors that affect the market growth in this region are the prevalence of sleep disorders and the increasing health consciousness of consumers. As per the Sleep Foundation, more than 1/3 of the United States display signs of sleep deprivation. Among all the states, Hawaii accounted for the highest percentage (43%) of adults who get less than seven hours of sleep, followed by West Virginia (42.5%) and Kentucky (42.1%). Insufficient sleep has also impacted the economy with an estimation of US$411 billion every year in the United States alone, among which 50% of the adults have been diagnosed with insomnia. Also, as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, adults affected by short sleep in the US accounted for 34.8% in 2020, among which 34% were female and 35.4% were male. The states that reported the most affected by short sleep durations ranged from Colorado with 29.3% to West Virginia with 42.8%. Short sleep durations were found amongst high school students and children as well. High school students displayed an increase from 72.7% in 2015 to 77.9% in 2020. Children between the ages of 4 months and 14 years also displayed signs of sleep shortage, which accounted for 52.5% of the state of Minnesota. As the prevalence of short sleep and other sleep disorders increase or even exist, the preference for remedies that can aid in sleep improvement will increase as well. This will provide the necessary fuel for the valerian root extract market growth as well.


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1.1. Market Overview

1.2. Market Definition

1.3. Scope of the Study

1.4. Market Segmentation

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1.6. Assumptions

1.7. Base, and Forecast Years Timeline


2.1. Research Data

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4.1. Market Drivers

4.2. Market Restraints

4.3. Porter’s Five Force Analysis

4.3.1. Bargaining Power of Suppliers

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4.3.3. Threat of New Entrants

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4.3.5. Competitive Rivalry in the Industry

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5.1. Introduction

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6.2. Cosmetic

6.3. Food and Beverages

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7.1. Introduction

7.2. North America

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7.2.3. Mexico

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7.6.3. India

7.6.4. South Korea

7.6.5. Indonesia

7.6.6. Thailand

7.6.7. Others


8.1. Major Players and Strategy Analysis

8.2. Market Share Analysis

8.3. Mergers, Acquisitions, Agreements, and Collaborations


9.1. BioTae Group

9.2. Nutra Green Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


9.4. Foodchem International Corporation

9.5. Solgar Inc.

9.6. General Nutrition Corporation (GNC Holdings)

BioTae Group

Nutra Green Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


Foodchem International Corporation

Solgar Inc.

General Nutrition Corporation (GNC Holdings)