The Double-Layered Surgical Gloves – Bestowing Extra Protections to the Surgeons

double layered surgical gloves market

Double-layered surgical gloves give extra protection against any surgical infections to surgeons. During surgery, the surgeons are exposed to the patient’s blood and body fluids, which could result in the transmission of pathogens through contact between the patient and the surgical team. The double-layered surgical gloves act as a double protecting barrier between the surgeon and the blood fluids of patients. If in case, one layer is damaged, the second layer will not allow the blood or blood fluids to reach the surgeon’s skin surface. Additionally, a prior study shows that double-layered protective surgical gloves can reduce the bloodstain on the skin by 65%, which further offers a higher level of protection against any contamination during surgery.

The rising number of injuries are ultimately increasing the number of surgeries performed worldwide expanding the market potential.

Globally, the number of geriatric patients and related surgeries is increasing. The increasing life expectancy rate is simultaneously increasing the number of older population patients. According to the WHO’s Global Health Estimates, life expectancy has increased by more than 6 years between 2000 and 2019. In 2019, the life expectancy was 73.4 years, which ultimately gave rise to the larger number of geriatric patients. Geriatrics is exclusively dedicated to providing patient-centered care for the older population most probably a population above 65 ages. This population has a unique set of health issues and concerns that geriatric clinicians and surgeons are trained to focus on. Due to the rise in the number of geriatric populations, more surgeries are being performed globally by surgeons and doctors. Hence, more often the surgeons are prone to hazardous infections while targeting the patient’s wound. Therefore, preventing any contamination of blood or body fluid while performing surgery has become necessary, and using double-layered gloves can play a vital role in reducing the risk of contamination. 

Furthermore, the number of injuries is also driving the number of surgeries performed across the globe. According to the National Library of Medicine, globally 310 million major surgeries are performed each year. Out of which 40 to 50 million are performed in the US and 20 million in Europe. These statistics indicate the high number of surgeries performed globally, therefore, the number of surgeons requiring double-layered surgical gloves is increasing simultaneously which is a major factor in driving the demand for double-layered surgical gloves market.

Rising number of medical interns and professionals are anticipated to boost the demand for double-layered surgical gloves

A rising need for healthcare and medical professionals which attribute to the higher demand for surgical double-layered gloves is boosting the market’s growth. The demand for double-layered surgical gloves is expected to rise as these gloves can protect against needle-stick injuries. The practicing doctors and surgeons are more prone to injuries from sharp equipment like a needle, scissors, scalpels, and other bladed instruments. Being new to the medical profession makes these practicing doctors more likely to get injured, but the double-layered surgical gloves can provide extra protection which can protect the surface area of the surgeon’s skin in case of any unalarmed injury.

Unique benefits of using double-layered surgical gloves are further boosting the growth of the double-layered surgical glove market

Furthermore, these double-layered gloves are also available in a two-color glove system. The two-color system enables the surgeon to identify tiny punctures which are not generally visible at the time of surgery. The early identification of any type of puncture improves occupational safety among surgeons. The colored under gloves can increase the awareness of any kind of perforations or slit to the outer surgical gloves and then the surgeon can take action to prevent any further harm.

Additionally, the double-layered surgical gloves have a diversified distribution network as a result the business of gloves is more scalable. The growth of the double-layered gloves market is also aided by the easy availability of these gloves which is made possible through its diverse distribution network. Hence, the overall reach of these double-layered surgical gloves has risen.

By component, the double-layered surgical gloves market is further segmented into under and outer-layer segments. These surgical gloves are considered unique because of their two-layer protection. The outer layer is exposed to the blood and other fluids during surgery, also the outer layer acts as the first base protecting barriers in situations like cuts or needle stick injuries. The inner-layer acts as a shield between the blood fluids and skin surface in case of any perforations.

However, the competition from thicker single-layered surgical gloves is adversely impacting the market for double-layered surgical gloves.

Double-layered surgical gloves are costly as compared to single-layered surgical gloves. Furthermore, the surgical glove manufacturers either offer double-layered gloves or suggest the use of a single-layered glove as the top and bottom to get the benefit of a double-layered glove. For instance, Medline Industries LP. offers Protexis PI Ortho Surgical gloves that can be worn as standalone gloves and as double-layered gloves whenever necessary.

Additionally, single-layered gloves are also available in different thicknesses. The surgical gloves are available in different thicknesses varying from 2 mil to 6 mil (1mil is equal to 0.001” gauge) with the highest tensile strength. The thicker surgical gloves can provide the same amount of protection as the double-layered gloves and also offer a good hold against punctures. The varied thickness of surgical gloves available in the market allows the end users to choose their desired thickness as per their needs and requirements, which is hindering the demand for double-layered surgical gloves in the market.

Covid Insights

The coronavirus epidemic had a positive impact on the growth of the double-layered surgical glove market globally due to higher demand from the healthcare and medical sector. The rising need for a surgical glove that has a higher resistance to contaminations or slits, flexibility, and more puncture resistance for longer use in the medical sector resulted in the growing demand for double-layered surgical gloves in the market. The necessity to keep medical professionals safe from hazardous and contagious viruses like COVID-19 further boosted the demand for double-layered surgical gloves during the pandemic. Furthermore, the use of double-layered gloves increased as the number of surgeries performed increased during the pandemic. Hence, the doctors and surgeons needed to take more precautions as a result, the demand for double-layered gloves surged during the pandemic.

Double Layered Surgical Glove Market Scope:

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