Global Pyrometer Market: Worth USD742.707 million by the end of 2025

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Pyrometers are also known as non-contact thermometers for the measurement of temperature from a distance. It is a type of remote-sensing thermometer utilized in many end-use industries and for research and development applications.

According to the report, the Global Pyrometer Market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 5.20% over the forecast period 2019-2025.

The global pyrometer market is predicted to surge during the COVID-19 pandemic scenario owing to the need for non-contact temperature measurement in order to support virus detection.

It has been widely noticed that with the outbreak of novel coronavirus, attempts are being made towards the detection of the virus in order to prevent virus transmission. Hence, non-contact thermometers/pyrometers are being deployed for monitoring individuals traveling either cross-border or during visits to a café, restaurant, hypermarket, and shopping malls among others with relaxations in lockdown. The use of non-invasive techniques for checking virus symptoms leading to fever or temperature rise is offering huge opportunities for the manufacturers in the pyrometer industry to enhance their production in order to keep pace with the growing consumer demand and adapting the new normal conditions, post-recovery. Also, it is taken care of by the vendors that these temperature measurement systems are in accordance with specific standards like ISO/IEC 17205 standards in order to ensure that these devices provide optimal operating performance, further fueling the market demand during the course of the forecast period. With technological advancements, portable pyrometers using infrared technology for distant-temperature measurement is gaining popularity amid the pandemic scenario. However, it is not capable of providing 100% accurate analysis of novel coronavirus detection. This is due to the reason that inspite of providing a non-contact advantage, it can be affected by external factors such as wind or water. Additionally, it normally takes around 2 to 10 days for the symptoms to occur in an individual, a person affected by the disease will not be detected by the pyrometer, in case of no symptoms. The infrared non-contact thermometers might not show an accurate temperature for symptomless individuals. Still, the demand for these pyrometers are high and customers are heavily dependent on these devices, hence, owing to the high demand, the market is estimated to grow at a significant pace during the current year. Even, after the new normal, i.e. post-recovery, the market will continue to propel in the forecast period.

Extensive pyrometer development or improvement of products or software witnessed in the form of product launches are further propagating the market growth during the forecast period.

In April 2019, AMETEK Land (Land Instruments International Ltd.) launched SPOTViewer, and SPOTPro, that is an advanced version of its software packages. These are designed in order to provide users a better understanding of their process performance in industries and is further aimed to provide an understanding of the industry 4.0 connectivity. The software packages are specifically designed for working seamlessly with the state-of-the-art industry-leading single point pyrometers. These are highly suitable for small plants where there is a non-availability of advanced process control systems or places where there is a requirement of process optimization. The SPOTViewer is capable of configuring, displaying, and logging data from a single location. Also, it is developed with an intuitive user-friendly interface and presents data in a graphical view, further contributing to making a sophisticated analysis of trends and patterns simple.

In December 2018, Extech announced the launch of a newly designed full-size non-contact infrared thermometer, IR320. The device is a ruggedized, dual-laser infrared thermometer for tackling tough jobs, both, indoors and outdoors. The novel device is meant for electrical contractors and plant maintenance technicians that constantly face a series of temperature diagnostic challenges originating from overheating motors and pumps and corroded electrical connections and others. The device is drop-proof capable of withstanding rough duty usage. Additionally, the device contains useful features including bright backlight for easy viewing of multifunction display, trigger lock for continuous measurement without trigger fatigue, and a tripod mount for more extended, fixed location measurements by the utilization of TR100 tripod that is available separately.

The major players covered as part of the report are Accurate Sensors Technologies Ltd., Calex Electronics Limited, and DIAS Infrared GmbH among others.

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