The Demand for DRAM Memory has been decent increase and is projected to grow during the forecast period

The report published by Knowledge Sourcing Intelligence titled “DRAM Memory Market – Forecasts From 2019 To 2024” studies the various factors affecting the demand for DRAM Memory among end-users worldwide. The market has been segmented by type (ADRAM, SDRAM, RDRAM, others), and industry vertical (consumer electronics, communication and technology, automotive, manufacturing).

In conjunction with this, the demand for DRAM Memory has been estimated across major geographies namely Americas, Europe Middle East and Africa and Asia Pacific. To give a clearer view of this market across these geographies, the regional market has been further segmented into countries which account for a significant share in the market. DRAM is a form of random-access memory used to provide working memory. The demand for DRAM will witness a rise during the forecast period owing to their increasing usage in consumer electronics and communication devices due to their low costs and higher capacities. However, the cyclical nature of the semiconductor industry will pose a heavy restrain to the market in the coming years.

By industry vertical, consumer electronics will have a significant share in the market

DRAM has been used primarily in computers and other similar devices, thus capturing a significant share. The segment will also witness multiple growth opportunities during the forecast period owing to the increasing affordability of consumer electronic devices and rising awareness due to increased advertisement activities in developing economies, the demand for DRAM.

Asia Pacific will hold a substantial portion of the Global DRAM Memory Market

The Asia Pacific region will hold a noticeable portion of the Global DRAM Memory Market in both value and volume owing to the semiconductor manufacturing activities in the region. The rise in the manufacturing of consumer electronics and communication devices in the region will be the key driver of the growth of the DRAM market in the region.

This report also includes a study of strategies and product portfolios of some of the leading companies in the Global DRAM Memory Market. Major companies profiled as a part of this report are Samsung, SK Hynix, Micron Technology, Nanya, Winbond, Elpida, Mosel Vitelic Corporation, Mushkin Enhanced, and Kingston Technology Company LLP.

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