A Life Saviour Paper Adhesive Tape

paper adhesive tape market

The Paper Adhesive Tape Market was worth US$9.725 billion in 2020 and is projected to expand at a 6.70% CAGR over the predicted period to reach US$15.315 billion by 2027.

Crape, craft, or any other sort of recyclable coating adhesive is offered on the paper adhesive tapes. They’re comprised of crepe paper that’s been coated with rubber glue. These tapes come in a various colours. These are heat-insulating, temperature-resistant, and hold a lot of weight. They’re light, silky, and bendable. The paper adhesive tape’s qualities make it suited for applications such as vehicle and aircraft manufacture, appliances production, ventilating, heating and air, to seal envelopes for sending and paper and printing. These are used to seal cartons in order to extend the life of the contents. These tapes are resistant to humidity and moisture, they are being used to enclose folded cartons containing heavy products.

The adhesive is supplied within one side of acting in single-coated tapes. The backing substance might be thermoplastic film, parchment, foil, microfiber, or high thread counts woven cloth, while the adhesion could be natural or synthetic, silicone, or acrylic. These tapes, make it easier to adhere the material to a surface and link two adjoining or overlapping materials altogether.

Due to their increased consumption, double-coated tapes are expected to replace previous sealing and adhesive techniques due to their endurance, superior surface adherence, and high shear strength. Due to a strong production base, significant growth in the automotive industry, and the substitute of screws, traditional fasteners bolts, and screws.

Rise in Demand in the Healthcare Industry

Adhesive tapes are employed in the assembly of medical equipment, wound care, and surgical cloth adhesion. Skin-friendly adhesives are also commonly utilised in the production of diapers for both babies and adults. In the future years, demand for paper tapes is likely to rise due to an excess supply of adhesive tapes in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Surgical paper tapes are expected to become a new phenomenon in the market due to its widespread use by doctors and experts. These surgical paper tapes help to speed up healing and maintain skin integrity by forming a long-lasting adhesive and removing them gently without leaving any residue. As people become more accustomed to using paper tapes to gently treat wounds and injuries, producers will have more opportunity to break into the market.

Use in Constructions Sector

The construction industry’s continued expansion in various parts of the world has a substantial impact on adhesive tape demand. Marking, masking, painting, sealing, and other applications are all common uses for paper tapes in the construction sector. The construction industry’s constant demand for paper tapes, as well as the industry’s consistent expansion, are expected to present significant prospects for manufacturers.

Decreased use of adhesives

Due to increased knowledge among rivals about the benefits of adhesive tapes there is a growth in the economy. The application category has grown as a result of several research and development initiatives, and the market appears to be rising at a remarkable rate. The new trend of using adhesives instead of bolts, screws, rivets, and other adhering or attaching procedures has been propelling the adhesive market forward at a global level.  It also extends the life of objects by preventing corrosion and rust. Furthermore, there is a rising desire for light-weight automobiles, which is propelling the adhesive market’s rise.

Emerging Use In E-commerce Industries

The need for paper tapes in the retail and logistics industries has been driven by mass transportation of goods. Previously, in the logistics business, plastic tapes were used to package goods, but as awareness of the environmental destruction done by plastic tapes grew, paper tapes were preferred. Paper tapes can also withstand outdoor use, which makes them popular among industry participants, particularly in the construction and shipping industries. Additionally, these are obtainable of exceptionally thin paper, they have allowed individuals to continue packing activities with maximum precision even at sharp edges. According to a poll done by the B2B e-commerce establishment of the U.S., the proportion of e-commerce purchases in merchandise trade was around 12.2 percent in 2018 and climbed to 13.8 percent in 2019, with growth expected to continue to 19.6 percent in 2021. These reasons are projected to dramatically increase the business for paper adhesive tapes.

Need for Water-Based Tapes

Water-based tapes are in limited supply mostly in the building and construction industry because of their durability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. They are utilized for packaging reasons across numerous industries, water-based adhesives are best for both adaptabilities, greater protection, and UV resistance, permeable and semi-substrates. In the future, market growth for water-based tapes in the food service industry is likely to promote market growth. Furthermore, the development of water-based tape will be aided by developments in the building and construction sector.

Requirement for paper adhesive tapes advancements in the automotive industry

One of the automotive industry’s megatrends is car modification/renovation. Nowadays, customers are more interested in adding new cosmetic aspects to their automobiles. These are commonly used for automotive customization for a variety of purposes, including covering, spray painting, varnishing, and sealing. Additionally, sludge dismantling of paper adhesive tapes during car paintwork reduces time spent and additional work. The capacity to give excellent surface protection and a clear paint line following surface painting has increased their popularity among end-use sectors, especially in these industries. According to the Specialty Equipment Marketing Association, over 32 million families around the world modify their cars or vehicles every year. This global trend of automotive alteration is projected to result in a significant increase in the production of paper tapes.

North America to dominate the market

North America is expected to account for a considerable share of the paper adhesive tape market. Europe are established adhesive tape markets, with a variety of small-scale companies and local industrial equipment. In the United States, major production industries such as consumer products and healthcare companies use sticky tapes more frequently. The surge of food packaging industry in the Middle East and Africa is expected to drive the market for paper adhesive tapes, while the paper and packaging industry will be leading the growing in Latin America.

Insight of COVID-19

COVID-19 has had a negative impact on the growth of the global paper adhesive tape market as the offline markets were shut down. Various governments have implemented lockdown and strict rules during the epidemic, effectively shutting down the global production process in the first half of 2020. However, the increased e-commerce purchase during COVID-19 has accelerated the market growth.

Paper Adhesive Tape Market Scope:

Report Metric Details
 Market size value in 2020 US$9.725 billion
 Market size value in 2027 US$15.315 billion
 Growth Rate CAGR of 6.70% from 2020 to 2027
 Base year 2020
 Forecast period 2022–2027
 Forecast Unit (Value) USD Billion
 Segments covered Type, Application, And Geography
 Regions covered North America, South America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific
 Companies covered Nitto Denko, Avery Dennison, Tesa SE, 3M, Henkel, Berry plastics, Achem   Technology Corporation, Intertape Polymer
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