Artificial and Natural Sweetener Market Growth – Enabling Healthy & Immersive Gastronomic Experiences

artificial and natural sweetener market

A  growing interest in healthy consumption, an increasing interest in the reduction of sugar consumption among others, increasing incidences of non-non-communicable diseases like that of diabetes, a rising trend of healthy snacking, as well as growing global population coupled with rapid urbanization and the increasing availability of disposable income and ultimately globalization as well as high R&D investments in food science and technology and the simultaneous evolution of eating habits have resulted in the increased cognition of the food and beverage industry business imperative to bring about innovations that would result in visually appealing, safe, nutritious, flavorful food and beverage products with far-reaching impact on texture, taste, shelf-life, mouthfeel, and color. One such innovation revolves around the development and employment of artificial and natural sweetening products which is expected to propel the growth of the global artificial and natural sweetener market which Knowledge Sourcing Intelligence has forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 2.36% from the estimated market value of 2021 which is in the order of US$25.591 billion to an estimated market value of US$30.136 billion in 2028.

The prevalence of diabetes and the cognizance of the ability of food and beverage to prevent diabetes is expected to catapult the market to new heights

 A chronic ailment, diabetes is characterized by blood glucose levels that are beyond the healthy levels. Among the type of diabetes, it is pertinent to note that when the cells of the body are incapacitated to properly respond to the insulin produced it is known as type 2 diabetes. Whereas Type 1 diabetes occurs when the human body stops producing insulin. On the other hand, there is another kind of diabetes called gestational diabetes (GDM) which is marked by high blood glucose levels during pregnancy, which is known to occur any time during pregnancy, most likely after the 24th week, and is known to disappear after the pregnancy.

Moreover, there is an increased susceptibility of diabetics to suffer from cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) especially when diabetes is poorly controlled along with the risk of loss of sight.  According to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), since its global estimates for 2000 the prevalence of both type 1 and type 2 diagnosed and undiagnosed diabetes among individuals within the age range of 20–79 years has increased from 151 million that accounted for 4.6% of the global population during 2000 to 463 million accounting for 9.3 % of the global population. In case adequate measures aren’t adhered to, IDF estimates that by 2030, around 578 million individuals will suffer from diabetes accounting for 10.2% of the global population and later is forecasted to increase to 700 million by 2045 which would account for 10.2% of the global population. As per IDF the continued rise in diabetes is contributed largely due to a surge in type 2 diabetes and associated risk factors which comprise high levels of obesity partly driven by sedentary lifestyles, increasing consumption of processed foods, and higher calorie intake, among others. Thus, the innovation of food additives and ingredients are appropriate for diabetics are not the only reason that is instrumental to the global artificial and natural sweetener market growth but also the need for catering to the inclination of individuals who are inclined to reduce the intake of food with ingredients that can potentially cause diabetes and integrate food and beverage products with holistically healthy ingredients.

A few relevant market developments which are being mentioned below are a further attestation to the forecasted market growth strategy  

May 2019– Agreement

Merisant which is one of the globally leading producers of low- and zero-calorie tabletop sweeteners for consumers has reportedly entered into an agreement with PureCircle (LSE: PURE) which is a global producer and innovator of stevia sweeteners effectuating a long-term supply of PureCircle’s zero-calorie-next-generation stevia sweetener ingredients like Reb M which is a sweetener from the stevia leaf with sugar-like taste to Merisant which already incorporates PureCircle’s next-generation stevia in its products like PureVia and Whole Earth

June 2019 – Product Innovation

Israel based GatFoods has reportedly developed a sweetener called Fruitlift that is derived from a blend of whole fruit purees and concentrates. fruits and has the reported potential to replace refined sugar in puffed ready-to-eat breakfast cereals. Further, it is made commercially available in a range of flavors that also has a neutral flavor option as well as in two variants with one that can be incorporated into coatings and another that can be introduced directly into the flour.

September 2019 – Product Commercialization

BLUE CALIFORNIA which is California based producer of superior ingredient catering to the world market through the means of innovation and production of natural compounds and botanical extracts of high purity that are used in food and beverage products, among others had reportedly announced its achievement of scaling of the commercialization of the natural rare sugar allulose which it had produced from natural substrates through the means of proprietary bioconversion technology to produce a natural and non-GMO sweetener.

October 2019 – R&D

Layn Corp (SHE: 002166) has reportedly launched a new proprietary variety of monk fruit monikered as Super V Fruit with increased mogrosides content which is the key ingredient used in sugar reduction. The result of R&D has also resulted in a significant decrease in the land, water, and resources required to produce monk fruit that has made monk fruit cultivation environmentally sustainable.

December 2019 – Product Launch

PureCircle (LSE: PURE) has reportedly created Sigma Syrup which was then a new variety comprising a blend of the organization’s proprietary Reb M along with other stevia leaf ingredients. The product is reportedly is devoid of GMOs and is an alternative to commercially available liquid tabletop sweeteners among others.

December 2019 – Agreement Extension

Ingredion Incorporated (NYSE: INGR) and SweeGen has reportedly extended its agreement on a non-exclusive basis for three more years that continue to enable Ingredion which has beena global distributor for SweeGen supporting the commercialization of SweeGen’s next-generation stevia sweetenersto provide solutions intended for customers who are inclined to reduced sugar in their diet.