Diverse Industrial Applications Driving the Transparent Ceramics Market Growth

The global transparent ceramics market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 24.93% over the forecast period to reach a total market size of US$1,687.321 million by 2027, increasing from US$355.287 million in 2020.

The global transparent ceramics industry is undergoing several improvements and breakthroughs that will significantly drive market growth in the next years. For instance, Indian scientists and researchers produced translucent ceramics in September 2021, achieving theoretical transparency using a technique known as colloidal processing. The material is suitable for thermal imaging applications, particularly under hard service circumstances, as well as headgear, face protection, and eyewear. Transparent ceramics have also made major contributions to areas such as consumer electronics, aerospace and military, optoelectronics and optics, and others. The rising demand for their usage in sensors, as well as the employment of ceramic technology in lasers, are projected to be important drivers propelling market expansion. Optics and optoelectronics have a considerable proportion of the worldwide market, which is expanding due to the increased use of transparent ceramics in the sector. The optoelectronics market is being driven by rising demand for luxury automobiles and increased awareness about vehicle safety, which is expected to raise demand for transparent ceramics throughout the projected period.

Konoshima Chemical Co., Ltd., CeramTec ETEC, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Momentive Technologies, American Elements, Surnet Corporation, SCHOTT AG, and others are a few key major players in the market of global transparent ceramics.

Konoshima Chemical Co., Ltd., is a Japanese corporation that primarily operates in the building materials and chemical products industries. The company’s product line consists of chemicals, building materials, and ceramics. It also has an extensive research and development department for each of these segments to introduce emerging concepts into the business. Under the transparent ceramics range, the company is divided into two main sectors. The company offers YAG ceramics, Y2O3 ceramics, Phosphor and scintillator, Optical isolator (TGG), and Dense ceramics. The YAG ceramics apply to laser sensors, lenses, optical substrates, prisms, viewing windows, and usage under corrosive gases. Transparent ceramic is available in five types. The Optical isolator (TGG) transmits light in a single direction and is used as a unit combined with optical fiber. The company is the only one in the global transparent ceramics market to have densification technology and ceramic transparency. Their ceramics are used as a primary device for the X-ray astronomical satellite, Hitomi. It was developed by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to measure the elements and their velocities in the universe by appropriately identifying the X-rays and their origin. The company has also developed other technologies such as bonding technology and others that are anticipated to boost the market demand in the upcoming years.

CeramTec ETEC provides wear and corrosion protection solutions constructed from ALOTEC® advanced ceramics, as well as ceramic armor for the ballistic protection of individuals, vehicles, and assets. It is a CeramTec division based in Lohmar, Germany. The transparent ceramics offered by the company apply to a diverse range of industries such as automotive, medical, mechanical engineering, and others. According to the company’s mission, the ceramics department of appliances is divided into land, sea, and air. Its primary objective is to protect people and automobiles in addition to communicating, identifying, and protecting under the sea along with providing sensor-protective ceramics for the aerospace industry. Furthermore, CeramTec had developed a more resilient alternative to traditional scanner glass in collaboration with scanner manufacturer DESKO. Clear PERLUCOR ceramics are used in the glass plates of DESKO scanners. It is impervious to mechanical and chemical impacts.

American Elements is the global leader in industrial materials science applications. For over two decades, the company has become a vital source for academic and industry research, innovation, and new product development. They are a global manufacturer and distributor of advanced materials, with an enormous online product catalog and encyclopedia of knowledge on chemical elements, sophisticated materials, and high-tech applications. The company offers more than 50 various types of transparent ceramics namely, Sapphire Powder, Terbium Gallium Garnet, and others.