Physical Security and How Important Is It? Data Center Physical Security Market

Data Center Physical Security Market consists of components like servers and storage units. Physical security of these components include protection from external intrusion, hindrance and threats which disrupts the activities of the business. The security protection also includes access control system, perimeter system and video surveillance through cameras. The rise in the demand and popularity of the data centers and increasing adoption of the innovative products is leading to the increase in the need of the physical security. The physical security allows efficient monitoring and strict entry to the sensitive data. 

The rise in the number of new data centers and the increase security concerns of curtail data and critical infrastructure of the data centers are the key factors that are boosting the growth of the data center physical security market. The consumers are highly demanding and adopting advanced security solutions which are offering market growth opportunities to various established service providers and new solutions of the physical security solutions.

data center physical security market

All the data center providers in terms of physical security are preferring multiple layers of the safety. Many of the data centers providers are offering and implementing five-layer systems on account of increasing demand for the colocation service which is leading to the boost of the market growth of data center physical security market. 

Nevertheless, the availability of the low-cost substitute products and solutions and high cost of the advanced security solutions are hindering the market growth of the data center physical security market. 

Market Size of the Data Center Physical Security Market

Data centers store large amount of data with the purpose of processing, analysing and distributing thus it connects various organizations to several of service providers. Many organisations prefer to rent a space and networking equipment in the off-site data center instead of owning one. Some of the data centers caters to multiple organization and is operated by third party, thus increasing the requirement of the physical security such as CCTV monitoring and multi-factor authentication in the data center. Industrial facilities with on-premise data centers are required to secure the software and hardware and there are two types of security that are available: software security and physical security. For instance, GDS Service Ltd. Is a major data center developer in China that equips security system such as perimeter intrusion prevention, security guard patrols, CCTV surveillance, anti-tailing doors, metal detectors and 24/7 on-site staff

The rise in the security risk and data leakage in IT Industry are the driving factors which are motivating the market growth of the data center physical security market.  Storage units and severs in the data centers require physical security from the external threats which could cause damage or loss to the institution or enterprise thus disrupting the business activities.  Physical security is the protection of the property and assets like software network, hardware and data from burglary, theft, and other events. Video surveillance through the access control system, perimeter security and cameras among other security solutions is being popularly deployed by the enterprises for the physical security of data centers globally.

Market Growth of Data Center Physical Security Market

The market of data center physical security has been segmented on the basis of solutions, services and industry verticals.  The solutions segment includes monitoring solutions, video surveillance, access control solutions and others.  The video surveillance is being highly adopted by the consumers and it holds largest market share as it aids in analysing any potential threat like damage of records or inventory losses.  However, since new malware of malicious software is being developed frequently to break into the various firewall that is protecting the data which is motivating the players of the market to upgrade security techniques periodically.

To enhance their market position in the data center physical security market, the key players such as Assa Abloy, Honeywell, Robert Bosch, Hikvision Digital Technology, Tyco International, Morpho, Axis Communication, Dahua Technology, Siemens and Schneider Electric are focusing on adopting strategies such as joint venture, product innovations, partnerships, recent developments, collaborations and Mergers & Acquisition,

The industry vertical segment includes BFSI, Government, Energy, Healthcare, Education, IT & Telecom, Retail and others. Where BFSI holds the largest market share as it widely uses monitoring solutions, video surveillance and access control solutions with the purpose to detect the threat in real time and to improve the operational efficiency.

North America has the largest market share owing to the high investment in the building of the new and improved existing infrastructure. Reduction in the Information Technology cost in the developing countries such as India and China are considered to be one of the primary drivers for the market growth of the data centers physical security market in that region.

Data Center Industry

The cloud-based solutions such as video analytics has become the latest trend in the physical security among the leading cloud service providers due to which the need for the wholesale colocation space is growing. The video surveillance cameras are connected to the cloud systems that include the features such as image capture, recording, notification services and analytics. The service providers either are constructing their own data centers or are working with the providers to build the facility according to their requirement. The cloud-based video analytics system allows identifying intrusions, capture the pathway uses, monitor the activities of the individuals on the premises and to enter the access systems. The enterprise is widely adopting the cloud-based services, Internet of Thing services and big data analytics which are motivating the players of the market and is creating opportunities due to rise in the investment in the data center physical security market across the developing countries. These factors are positively impact the growth of the data center physical security market. Several leading healthcare, IT software and financial service providers are collocating as the demand and market growth is soaring.

The rise in the urbanisation is increasing the demand for the telecommuting and other entertainment services online that is fuelling the demand for the data centers in the Asia Pacific region and is providing wide range of opportunities of the players of the market during the forecasted period. The emerging regions such as Brazil, India, Singapore and China have become the attractive market for the new and established companies which are engaged in the development and the marketing of the solutions and services. The rise in the demand is increasing the security concerns in various industrial verticals.

The rise in the public and government initiatives for the data security and privacy are one of the key factors that is propelling the market of the data center physical security market. However, the stringent regulations by the government in China that holds significant share in the regional market are expected to restraint the growth of the data center physical security market. For instance, in 2019, the Chinese government discloses cybersecurity law ‘Cybersecurity Multi-Level Protection Scheme (MLPS 2.0)’ that allows the government to have unrestricted access to the data within the county.