Shifting Nutritional Trends Augmenting Bioactive Ingredients Market

The Global Bioactive Ingredients Market is estimated to reach a market size of US$50.866 billion by the end of 2026. The market was worth US$34.331 billion in 2019 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 5.78%.

Bioactive ingredients or Bioactive compounds refer to supplementary bio-molecules that are found in foods (such as fruits, nuts, whole grains) and dietary supplements which provide health benefits beyond basic nutritional value. Bioactive compounds have actions that promote good health and wellbeing. Bioactive ingredients prove to have beneficial physiological, behavioral, and immunological effects.,Bioactive ingredients including polyphenols, carotenoids, vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids, nucleotides are extensively used in the prevention of several chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, and other related diseases.

bioactive ingredients market

Bioactive ingredients help in adapting several metabolic progression for superior health and also have a therapeutic impact on living tissues. Moreover, Bioactive ingredients are safe for consumption and offer environmental benefits. Bioactive ingredients produce elements that help in restoring, supporting, and nourishing the structure of the skin and are commonly found in the form of thiolated, esterified, and glycosylated. Furthermore, they aid in the cure of diseases caused by lack of nutritional intake or unbalanced diets such as malnutrition, anemia, etc.

Bioactive is naturally present in a variety of foods but also are used as an additive or in processing aid as well. Owing to its wide applicability across segments, the bioactive segment is anticipated to propel growth in the bioactive ingredients market. Moreover, increasing health concerns and growing consciousness over the consumption of the type of food and beverage is expected to further drive demand in the market. Additionally growing awareness among consumers regarding the benefits offered by bioactive ingredients in maintaining a healthy diet, has resulted in boosting demand in the market.

Growing awareness among the consumers has forced companies to invest heavily in research and development for delivering novel innovative product solutions across segments. Furthermore, urbanization, rising per capita income, advanced health care facilities and development in emerging economies have complemented the need for novel product offerings. Furthermore, companies have adopted advanced technological solutions such as microencapsulation to protect the bioactive ingredients from oxidation and other unwanted reaction. These factors are collectively are boosting demand in the bioactive ingredients market.

Overall, Bioactive ingredients have garnered significant attention owing to their functional properties such as antioxidant, anticarcinogenic, and allied antimicrobial effects but their use has been limited across industry segments due to their instability during digestion and limation in storage, food processing, and pharmaceutical processes.

Prominent market players in the Bioactive Ingredients market include DuPont, Cargill, Inc., ADM, DSM, BASF SE, Karavita, and Nuritas Limited among others. Moreover, growing market development initiatives by these prominent entities have augmented growth in the market. For instance, DuPont and International flavors and Fragrances(IFF) have announced the merger of the two companies to create unique, industry-leading solutions.

The inclining trajectory in the Functional Food and Beverage segment is anticipated to significantly contribute to the growth of the Bioactive Ingredients market.

The functional food and beverages segment employs a significant application of bioactive ingredients. The widespread adoption can be associated with the varied health benefits provided by bioactive ingredients through functional foods and beverages. Moreover, ingredients in functional food and beverages are rich in minerals, vitamins, fibers and offer a low calorific value. Furthermore, recent advances in integrating and connecting local farms to food and health are linked to obtaining foods and beverages enriched bioactive compounds through ingredients sourcing and by influencing and agronomical industrial and domestic processes. Thus, The growing adoption of bioactive in connecting farms to food and health has resulted in burgeoning demand for Bioactive ingredients in the functional food and beverages segment.

Reginal Insights Concerning the Bioactive Ingredients Market

The Bioactive Ingredients market is fragmented by varied application segments across different business and industry verticals including Personal acre, functional food and beverages, dietary supplements, and Animal nutrition among others. Prominent market players have adopted various business strategies to sustain, grow and develop in the Bioactive Ingredients market owing to the growing consciousness over personal health and increasing awareness of the benefits of concerning bioactive ingredients. Furthermore, companies have adopted different business strategies such as partnerships, acquisitions, mergers and have applied innovative technological advancements in the product development phase, thereby delivering unique solutions and attracting more players into the market. Through such collaborative agreements and technological advancements, conglomerates and other allied businesses in the North American region have resulted in significant development of the market on the whole.

The Asia Pacific region holds a dominant market share and is projected to grow over the forecasted period. The major driving factor is rapid urbanization, rising disposable income, shifting consumer trends towards a healthy diet. Moreover, growing awareness among the consumers concerning the consumption of healthy nutrients is resulting in increased availability of biotech processes, thereby enabling conversion of bioactive ingredients in fruits and vegetables that have nutritional value. moreover, companies in the region are developing innovative, sustainable solutions to sustain themselves in the market. For instance, Sabinsa has announced an investment of Rs.600cr in Hassaan for the setup of a new manufacturing facility.

Whereas, the North American region is expected to grow at a substantial rate over the forecasted period. The growth in the market can be attributed to rising consciousness among consumers regarding food contents and other food additive effects. Furthermore, changing trends in consumer preferences towards a healthier lifestyle and widespread adoption of wellness products in further expected to boost demand in the region over the forecasted period. Similarly, companies in the region are adopting large-scale production of bioactive ingredients through various collaborative agreements and novel product launches. For instance, Cargill, Incorporated announced the expansion of its Diamon V animal nutrition facility in Cedar Rapids, Iowa to meet the growing demand for animal health products.

Bioactive Ingredients Offer a Ray of Hope in COVID-19 Management

Bioactive ingredients are being used against viral bacteria-induced diseases for a long time owing to their anti-inflammatory,anti-viral and anti-allergic properties. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has positively impacted the bioactive ingredients market as various plants are being used in proving nutritional value owing to their medicinal and therapeutic properties possed by them. Similarly, its ability to fight against respiratory viral infection has further augmented its application during the pandemic. Moreover, Vitamin D has shown positive results in managing and controlling the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Moreover, bioactive ingredients or compounds are being extensively studied as anti-COVID-19 drugs.