Thermal Imaging Market – Method to Improve Visibility

The Thermal Imaging Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.58% to reach a market size of US$5.977 billion in 2026 from US$4.087 billion in 2019.

Thermal imaging is defined as the technology which utilize infrared radiation and thermal energy to gather information about various objects to formulate images of them. The technology can produce high-quality images even in a low-visibility environment. It uses heat to produce an image or to identify an object. The Thermal imaging market is projected to expand during the forecast due to high investment by the government, capital firms, and companies in the research and development to create an effective thermal imaging solution. The increasing adoption of thermal imaging in security, residential, manufacturing, and inspection services is projected to result in a surge in the market. 

thermal imaging market

Thermal imaging is also widely being used to detect several other illnesses where the skin temperature reflects the underlying tissue inflammation or the variation in the blood flow. For instance, Healthcare facilities in France adopted infrared thermography in 2019 as a substitution to the X-Rays in the mammograms to screen for breast cancer. The infrared thermography is painless and is less invasive compared to the mammography. It is also used to detect the difference in the temperature on the surface of the body. The rise in the use of the thermal imaging technology in the healthcare and life science sector is expected to further boost the innovation in neonatal care.

Market Players included in the report of the Bioplastic Market are FLIR Systems, Inc., Fortive, Axis Communications, Seek Thermal, Selex ES, Leonardo  – Società per azioni, L3 Technologies, Inc., BAE Systems, Testo SE & Co.   KGaA, Xenics.

Covid-19 Impact

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and its subsequent lockdown and severe rules and regulations mandated by the government globally have impacted every industry and have severely disrupted the distribution channel. The pandemic had a positive impact on thermal imaging solutions. The demand for the thermal imaging solutions in the healthcare and transportation industries. In the healthcare industry, several researches are deploying thermal cameras to measure and capture human temperatures due to the pandemic. The cameras aid in the detection of temperature with detail and precision. In addition, several market players are adopting the thermal imaging solutions and are developing the innovative solutions that include collaboration with Artificial Intelligence (AI).  For instance, Honeywell International, Inc introduced an Al-enabled thermal imager in May 2020 which detect elevated body temperature at the entryway of distribution centers, commercial buildings, and factories. This product was highly appreciated.

Market Size

Thermal Imaging Market on the basis of region is segmented as North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, and Africa, and the Asia Pacific.

North America is expected to hold the largest market share of the thermal imaging during the forecasted period. The Organization are increasingly adopting of the infrared imaging products and services for the applications such as threat detection, predictive maintenance, automotive, surveillance, and others. Most of the companies in the region are focusing on developing better IR camera to provide detailed infrared information to gain a competitive edge over others. ?In addition, the commercial and military application early forms of night vision first came to the mainstream automotive market in the 2000 Cadillac DeVille, albeit at a cost approaching USD 3,000. After this the prices of the thermal sensors and cameras were decreasing. During the covid-19 pandemic, many of the organizations are adopting the thermal imaging. For instance, Amazon installed thermal camera in April 2020 which were equipped with this technology in six USA facilities in Los Angeles and Seattle to screen the temperature. This helped them to protect the staff and their customers from being infected by a coronavirus.  

The thermal imaging market on the basis of components is segmented as Hardware, Software and Services.

Thermal imaging market on the basis of Industry Vertical is segmented as Military and Defense, Manufacturing, Consumer Electronics, Aviation, Construction and Others

Military were the first applications of thermal imaging system. Thermal Imaging is widely used in the military on account of its day-night working capability and its ability to perform well in the adverse weather conditions. For instance, thermal detectors can capture infrared radiation discharged by all the objects above absolute zero temperature. In addition, with the defence sector highly investing on the surveillance, IR and thermal imaging system adoption is expected to increase during the forecasted period. 

The government are investing in the military sector to improve the next-generation technology by offering military personnel along with accurate and improved information. The demand of the short-wavelength IR camera is being impacted as the adoption of the IR thermography device is being increasingly adopted in the defence sector.

There has been rise in the crime and violence globally which is leading to rise in the homeland security forces’ budget to procure the advanced protective system and gadgets. Morden warfare is becoming more asymmetric with the increase in the number of lethal and non-lethal weapons. Asia Pacific region offer growth opportunities with the rising technology penetration, high defence spending, rise in the technology penetration and presence of small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Market Growth

The rise in the demand for the surveillance and security in both private and public sector is expected to boost the market growth of the thermal imaging. The increase in the requirement of the security for the employees and citizen is further augmenting the thermal imaging market. The increase in the investment in the infrastructural system and urbanization is leading to the rise in the demand for the additional advanced security solutions. The demand for the professional surveillance is expected to positively impact the market growth of the thermal imaging.

Thermal Vision Automotive Development Kit feature high-performance of the FLIR Boson thermal camera for the tier-one automotive parts supplier, automakers and the advanced driver assistance innovators systems (ADAS). ? L-3 communication launched latest Warrior Systems (ALST) and L-3 communication have also signed a contract to deliver the ground laser target designators to the Republic of Korea. The contract value is USD 30 million approximately. The company have also released its laser designator armed with range finding, latest Scarab system and an IR thermal imager, which is providing exact target designation during the day, night, and in all battlefield conditions.

Seek Thermal, Inc collaborated with the Los Angeles Fire Department in 2019 to provide every 3,350 firefighters the device, RevealFirePRO to enable them to do the primary search and locate victim quickly during the emergencies.