Japan Infection Control Market Size, Share, Opportunities, And Trends By Product (Disinfectant, Sterilization), And By End User Industry (Healthcare, Food And Beverage, Chemical) - Forecasts From 2020 To 2025

Published: Apr 2020 | Report Code:   KSI061613413 | Pages:  90

Japan infection control market is estimated to hold a market size of USD1.608 billion in 2019. With Japan being the third-largest economy of the world, the country has a high standard of living, a high standard of safety, development, and stability. Hence, these factors contributed to significant achievements in the field of healthcare as well including full implementation of universal insurance coverage, attaining the world’s highest life expectancy, and control and eradication of common infectious diseases. In spite of all these achievements, the country is also facing certain challenges which include a poor fertility rate resulting in negative population growth and contains the world’s maximum geriatric population. Hence, with the prevalence of maximum elderly people, the age-associated diseases will also increase, further demanding better health facilities for healthy aging. This is providing a robust potential for the market to increase at a sustainable pace with a high market size in the forecast period and in the upcoming years.

The increasing demand for long-term care with sufficient healthcare facilities is driving the market demand in the forecast period and in the upcoming years.

With the increasing demand for long-term care keeping in view the status of the growing geriatric population as well in the country, the market is projected to fuel in the forecast period. The provision of long-term care has to be accommodated with sophisticated healthcare facilities and not by the welfare facilities. The provision of nursing homes in the country was always in short supply as decisions for admissions to nursing homes were made by the welfare offices of the municipal governments. Additionally, the planned evolution to attain a sustainable healthcare system is focused on the shifting of the healthcare system from a volume-based to value-based care, from cure to care, and specialization to integrated approaches throughout all sectors, this will certainly augment the market demand in future as well.

The presence of chronic diseases, especially among the older adults in Japan, is propelling the market growth in the forecast period.

It was noticed that cancer, cerebrovascular accident, and coronary heart disease are common causes of death in the country. These were however recorded among the older adults. The presence of multimorbidity, which is defined as the presence of two or more than two disorders in an individual is further providing an opportunity for the market to grow in the forecast period. Management strategies for handling multi-morbidity cases may involve complicated treatment procedures with high risks of adverse drug events, however, this may not affect the growth of the infection control product sales. Many doctors focusing on the treatment of single diseases will further propagate the market demand over the next five years. Furthermore, with the growing aging of the population in Japan, the chances of age-associated diseases will increase, hence, the market for infection control hold strong growth prospects with the surging demand for the adoption of healthy aging practices which require early disease detection and regular hospital or clinic visits in order to keep a track on the health of the individual’s right from a younger age.


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