Barbecue Sauce Market – Adding Taste to Your Food

barbecue sauce market

Barbecue-style of cooking is referred to as the low-temperature cooking technique that takes long hours. The market demand for barbecue sauce is expected to increase in the forecasted period along with the increasing use of the barbecue cooking style. Barbecue sauce is used as the seasoning or marinade for vegetables, smoked meat, and other food items. It acts as a flavoring ingredient and is widely used to enhance the organoleptic property of the food item. Barbecue are available in different flavors which varies according to the regional demand. Barbecue sauce is gaining popularity among consumers due to their inclination to tenderize the meat and giving the food item a spicy flavor. Besides being widely used as the marinades in the food industry, barbecue sauce is also available and accepted as dips. The global barbecue sauce market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 8.41% from a market size of US$1,147.212 million in 2020 to achieve a market size of US$2,026.423 million by the end of 2027.

Eating Healthy Is Changing the Market

Due, the increase in the busy lifestyle the consumers are frequently seeking alternatives that have healthy ingredients which will do not pose a risk of causing lifestyle-related diseases. The consumers are inclining towards a healthy lifestyle and are changing their preference to healthy foods as they getting health-conscious. Consumers are widely consuming food that is not deep-fried and that has more protein and less fat and this has been observed from all over the world. This is boosting the market growth of the barbecue sauce market on account of the increasing trend of consumption of barbecued and the barbecue sauce is being used in barbecue-style cooked food.  The barbecue sauce is segmented based on product type as Tomato-based barbecue sauce, Vinegar-based barbecue sauce, mustard-based barbecue sauce, and mayonnaise-based barbecue sauce. The tomato-based barbecue sauce’s main ingredient is tomato which is rich in anti-oxidant content and having anti-cancer properties, thus, making the barbecue sauce the favorable option.

The barbecue sauce is segmented by types as Organic and Non-Organic. The Organic segment is anticipated to increase due to changing preference of the consumer towards chemical-free products. Manufacturers of organic food products are trying to meet the high demands of the consumers by widely adopting the use of natural food ingredients in their manufacturing process.

Distribution Channel Insights

The barbecue sauce market has been segmented on the basis of distribution channels as online and offline. The barbecue sauce products are easily obtained in the offline channel such as retail stores, supermarkets or hypermarkets and the online distribution channel. Several companies irrespective of their organisation size are frequently improving their product portfolio with aid of constant innovation strategy with the purpose of fulfilling the evolving demands of the consumers at the international level. The locally owned companies that is owned by small group are offering unique flavoured barbecue products. For instance, The Hickey Bottom Barbecue Company based in Pennsylvania is local and owned by women since 2013.

The growth of the offline channel of distribution are further fuelling the market growth during the forecasted period. The rise in the penetration of the internet and the wide adoption of smartphones by the consumers are leading to increase in the sales of the consumer goods with safe payment options and convenience. Due to these factors, the growth of the barbecue sauce market is anticipated during the forecasted period.

Geographical Insights

The barbecue sauce market is segment on the basis of region as North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa. Barbecue sauce is estimated to be originated from the USA and is also popularly used in the country. North America accounts for the larger market share of the barbecue sauce market followed by Europe due to the high consumption of the barbecue food in the region that is influencing the high production volume of the barbecue sauce. Barbecue sauce is often referred to as ketchup in most of the countries of Europe and Asia Pacific. Barbecue sauce is available throughout the regions in various flavors and forms according to the regional demands. Furthermore, due to globalization, there has been a rising demand for cross-culture cuisines that is supporting the market growth of the barbecue sauce across the regions during the forecasted period. The increase in the disposable income and the rising trend of changing food consumption pattern are supporting the growth of the barbecue sauce market globally.  The major importers of the barbecue sauce include France, Canada, USA, United Kingdom, and Germany.

Covid-19 Impact

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has negatively impacted all the industries including food industry due to the imposition of lockdown across the globe. The shutdown of hotels, restaurants and other food service industry on account of preventive measure against the spreading of coronavirus. The preventive measure had forced the consumers to stay at home and this caused a slight dip in the demand for the barbecue sauce especially by the food industry.