Probiotics Market worth US$110.496 billion by 2026

Knowledge Sourcing Intelligence announces the publication of a new analysis report on the market of “Probiotics Market – Forecasts from 2019 to 2026”.

The prime factor driving the growth of the Probiotics Market is increasing research and investment in this sector. Besides that, growing health consciousness among the people is also a major factor behind the surge of this industry.

As per the report, the market for Probiotics Market is expected to grow at a steady pace.

Probiotics are live micro-organisms like yeast, bacteria, etc. which when consumed or applied to the body are supposed to give health benefits like improved gut health, reduced intestinal inflammation, and a strong immune system which helps in the prevention of various diseases. Probiotics are found in food products like yogurt, dietary supplements, and fermented food products as well. Although the increased research, investment, and health awareness are expected to grow in the future, the major hindrance for this industry is the cost involved in the research and development. 

Based on application, the probiotics are found in functional food & beverages, dietary supplements, and animal feed. Changing lifestyle, increasing disposable income, increasing health awareness, and growing health goals among the people have led to the increase in demand for probiotic food and dietary supplements especially among the younger generation. The animal feed section is expected to boom shortly mainly through high meat consumption due to changing dietary patterns of people.

Based on end-user segmentation, probiotics are available for both humans and animals. Animal Probiotics are generally used in the animal husbandry industry to eliminate the threat of diseases. Human Probiotics hold a dominant section in the market with bacteria and yeast being major probiotics.

Based on ingredients, yeast and bacteria both are used as probiotics, although bacteria hold a major market share because of the health benefits like prevention of diarrhea, healthy immune system, etc. associated with it.

Based on function, Probiotics are used in regular consumption, healthcare purposes, and therapeutic purposes. Probiotics have therapeutic properties which are used for treating gastrointestinal diseases.  

Based on type, Probiotics are available in Lactobacillus, Streptococcus, Spore Formers, Bifid bacterium, etc. of which Lactobacillus and Bifid bacterium are the two most commonly used probiotics.

Based on geography segmentation, the Asia-Pacific region is expected to grow shortly mainly led by the factors like increasing population, growing disposable income, and growing health awareness among the young generation.                    

As a part of the report, the major players operating in the probiotics market, that have been covered are Nestle S.A., Danone S.A., Yakult Honsha Co. Ltd., Probi AB, Arla Foods AMBA, BioGaia, Lifeway Foods, Mother Dairy Fruit and Vegetable Pvt. Ltd., Chr. Hansen Holding A/S and i-Health, Inc.

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This analytics report segments the probiotics market on the following basis:

  • By Application
    • Functional Food and Beverages
    • Dietary supplements
    • Animal Feed
  • By End-User
    • Human Probiotics
    • Animal Probiotics
  • By Ingredients
    • Yeast
    • Bacteria
  • By Function
    • Regular
    • Preventative Healthcare
    • Therapeutic
  • By Type
    • Lactobacillus
    • Streptococcus
    • Bifid bacterium
    • Spore Formers
    • Others
  • By Geography
    • North America
      • USA
      • Canada
      • Mexico
    • South America
      • Brazil
      • Argentina
      • Others
    • Europe
      • United Kingdom
      • Germany
      • France
      • Spain
      • Others
    • The Middle East and Africa
      • Saudi Arabia
      • Israel
      • Others
    • Asia Pacific
      • Japan
      • China
      • India
      • Indonesia
      • Taiwan
      • Thailand
      • Others