Growing Trend for Probiotics Food

probiotics market

The probiotics market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.06% to attain a market size of US$110.496 billion by the end of the analysis period, 2026. The market was valued at US$49.782 billion in 2019.

The increasing health consciousness of people and nutrient properties of probiotics are the prime factors driving the market of probiotics. Probiotics are bacteria, which has a good impact on health and the body when it’s consumed insufficient amount. The reports and analysis of WHO (World Health Organization) claim that probiotics are a source of good nutrients and bacteria that improve the overall health of the human body. Probiotics are also good for the gut health of both humans and animals equally. The government and National nutrient agencies are nowadays also supporting and promoting the use of probiotics in the diet as it helps for good health development.

The increasing trend of health consciousness and increasing demand for dietary supplements are potentially boosting the growth of the probiotics market.

Probiotics are proven for their improved gut health and preventing digestive problems by modern researchers. Improved gut or intestinal health will also forecast to good and proper absorption of nutrients and provide good health. Probiotics also show properties such as reducing inflammation, strengthening the immune system and also prevents several diseases. The formation of patches and wounds in the intestines are mainly due to the acidity problems or excess oxidation rate that taking place in the intestine. Probiotics are an exact solution for preventing the excess oxidation rate taking place in the gut and protect proteins and lipids from destruction. The action of good bacteria in probiotics also aids for the destruction of harmful pathogens. The change in food pattern and increased consumption of ultra-processed foods are leading to digestive and intestinal problems in people. According to WHO (World Health Organization), about 75% of world total population are facing the problems of lifestyle diseases. The rise of lifestyle diseases has increased the health consciousness of people to a certain extent. The rising health consciousness of people are boosting the demand for probiotic food and health supplements in their diet.

Probiotics also provide some essential nutrients and minerals, which makes them a strong factor in health and dietary supplements. The need and demand for health supplements are boosting in the world, probiotics as a natural health supplement, which can boost the immunity is conquering the peaks of market growth. The recent researchers in probiotics point to the data such as probiotics are also a super component that can boost the immunity level of body. The impact of COVID-19 had brought out the need for good immunity and health. The characteristic property of probiotics boosting the immune level of the human body is hiking the growth of probiotics in the health and dietary supplement market.

Probiotics are now actively assessed in the case of mental health and mental illness. Probiotics is also showcasing good results and improvements using it for diagnosing mental illness and neurological disorders. According to the reports of WHO the mental illness and disorders has been tremendously increased after the post-COVID strike. A growing percentage of 13% can be seen on the mental health conditions of people from last the decade. The positive effects of probiotics in diagnosing mental health and illness is uplifting the qualities and use of probiotics as an effective health supplement.

Usage of Probiotics as Animal Feed and for Agriculture Growth

Probiotics is also widely used as an animal feed. Depending on the good useful effects of probiotics, its widely used as an effective animal feed especially for cattle’s. Intestinal disorders and gut problems are one of the major problems faced by cattle’s and farmers engaged in cattle farming. The reduction of gut problems by the usage pf probiotics as a cattle feed is increasing the demand of probiotics in cattle farming and the agriculture sector. FAO (World Food and Agriculture Organization) states that cattle effected by gut problems are facing more than 50% mortality rate. The properties of probiotics as providing intestinal health on cattle’s makes it more of a need in the animal feed market.

The Segments of the Probiotic Market

Based on application probiotic market is Mainly segmented into 3 such as used in functional food and beverages, dietary supplements and as animal feeds. Aiding to the growing health consciousness and health field, the probiotic market is showing tremendous growth in health and dietary supplement’s market. The positive impact of using probiotics as a cattle field is also bringing developments and growth in the agriculture sector. The usage of probiotics as beverage foods and functional food are the less employed field compared to the other two.

By the type of end-user, the probiotics market is classified as human probiotics and animal probiotics. Probiotics are employed for the use in humans as a dietary supplement and food additives and probiotic as used animal feeds and medicines.

By the type of ingredients, bacteria and yeast are the major types in which probiotics is used. Segmentation by function prefers for the use of probiotics as regular food supplement and in which its used as a healthcare supplement. Probiotics are also employed for therapeutic sessions also.

By type, probiotics market is segmented as lactobacillus, streptococcus, bifidobacterium, spore former, and others. The major types in probiotics are utilized.

By geographic regions probiotics market is segmented as North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, South America, Middle East and Africa. Asia Pacific witnessed highest market growth.

Coronavirus Pandemic Analysis

The analysis report also provides a deep study about the impact of the coronavirus on market for probiotics, The lockdown and isolations had severely affected the manufacturing and production of probiotics in the market. The probiotic market also witnessed tremendous market growth as consumers purchased health-related products in abundance to protect themselves from the coronavirus. The pandemic impact has resulted in the strong and robust market growth of probiotics in the global market. The probiotic market witnessed the highest growth as health supplement and dietary supplement increased the total demand of probiotics worldwide.

Probiotics Market Scope:

Report Metric Details
 Market size value in 2019 US$49.782 billion
 Market size value in 2026 US$110.496 billion
 Growth Rate CAGR of 12.06% from 2019 to 2026
 Base year 2019
 Forecast period 2021–2026
 Forecast Unit (Value) USD Billion
 Segments covered Application, End-User, Ingredients, Function, Type, And Geography
 Regions covered North America, South America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific
 Companies covered Yakult Honsha Co., Ltd., Danone S.A, Nestlé S.A, Probi AB, Lifeway Foods, BioGaia,   Mother Dairy Fruit and Vegetable Pvt. Ltd., Arla Foods AMBA, i-Health, Inc., Chr.   Hansen Holding A/S
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