Inclining Trend of the Data Center Security Market

Organizations' important data and core assets, such as client data, intellectual property, and payment information, are stored in data centers, and the security of these assets is a top priority for the company. By offering resilience at multiple levels, security solutions aid in the protection and safekeeping of these vital assets. Data Center security is the adoption of techniques that keep data Centers safe against assaults and dangers. The Data Center is regarded as a critical source for businesses, necessitating special security measures. The advent of data Center security has aided in the optimal protection of important information and applications across network virtualization. The growth of data Center security has aided in the optimal security of important information and applications across network virtualization. Whether a company owner uses a hybrid or cloud system, leading players' data Center security solutions assure excellent server security.

data center security market

A significant driver is a rising need for enhanced security solutions that enable businesses to achieve regulatory compliance. The growing use of data Center digitalization, big data analytics, and cloud computing, as well as an increase in cyber risks, are just a few of the numerous reasons driving market development. However, the provision of low alternative software and a lack of knowledge are the main roadblocks to the data Center security industry's growth. On the other side, the introduction of enhanced data security systems will give several chances for existing and new service providers to expand.

Increase in Cyber Risks to Drive the Growth of the Market

Information breaches from third-party suppliers, identity theft, and cyber-attacks have all increased the risk. As a result, increasing data breaches and cyber-attacks are pressuring businesses in a variety of sectors to implement data Center security solutions to prevent compromising any business function and causing revenue-generating harm, therefore positively affecting the market growth. There has been an upsurge in cybercrime and cyberattacks aimed at stealing data and using it for nefarious purposes. According to official data presented in the Indian Parliament in March 2021, India saw around 1.16 million cyberattacks in 2020, up nearly thrice from 2019 and more than 20 times from 2016. Every day, on average, 3,137 cybersecurity-related concerns were reported in the country during the year. Additionally, as reported by US National Center for Biotechnology Information, between 2014 and 2019, the average cost of a data breach grew by 12%, while the average cost of a compromised record increased by 3.4 percent.

Rising Adoption of Data-Generating Practices to Fuel Market Demand

Due to a growth in the number of organisations using cloud computing platforms and virtualization techniques for their corporate information storage, the market is expected to develop at a phenomenal rate throughout the projected period. These contribute to the network's vulnerabilities at many levels, stressing the necessity for comprehensive logical and physical security measures to be adopted and implemented.

Acronis, a worldwide pioneer in cybersecurity, in June 2021, announced the opening of a new Acronis Cloud Data Center in Mumbai, which is being established in collaboration with local partners Ingram Micro, Compuage India, and Crayon Software Experts India. As one of the company's 111 new data centers across the world, it provides service providers access to a comprehensive spectrum of cybersecurity solutions on which they can build new services while providing clients with quicker access, consistent data availability, and data sovereignty.

Consistent Research and Development in the Market to Open Doors for Opportunities

Consequently, there is an increasing requirement to incorporate security measures without jeopardising network scalability or speed. This has necessitated the creation of a regulated environment as well as the deployment of preventative measures at several levels, including physical, logical, and virtual. As a result, industry players are constantly changing their product offerings to retain a competitive advantage, with a focus on new technology development and significant research and development efforts, resulting in the dynamic and volatile market growth of the Data Center security market throughout the projected period.

On its GreenLake cloud platform, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise is beefing up security and making it easier to build apps. HPE announced Project Aurora, a cloud-native, zero-trust architecture that identifies threats and validates the integrity of its hardware, firmware, operating systems, platforms, and workloads, at its Discover conference in June 2021. From the supply chain through the deployment of workloads, Project Aurora confirms that nothing has been tampered with.

Integration of physical and logical security solutions, micro-segmentation for better data center security, and the need for more data Centers are all prospects presented by the industry. The introduction of sophisticated data security solutions has opened up even more options for current and new service providers. Businesses consider the data Center to be a crucial resource, needing particular security measures. Furthermore, the introduction of data Center security is assisting in the optimal safeguarding of important information and applications throughout the virtualized environment adopted due to the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Data Breach Vulnerability Associated With New Technologies to Increase the Market Size

Furthermore, workplace virtualization, the emergence of software-defined storage, software-defined networking, and the growing trend of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) make information security even more vulnerable to malware attacks and intrusion threats, resulting in additional control and surveillance issues in data Center infrastructure. This assault of new technologies is likely to drive the need for further defensive measures and improvements of current systems, such as virtualized infrastructure layers, authorisation, and filtering, to defend them from a variety of dangers.

North America Dominates the Data Center Security Market

North America is expected to hold a significant share in the data Center security market as a result of some of the recent technological breakthroughs and improvements. Additionally, people in the region are paying greater attention and becoming more conscious of the importance of data, particularly in the corporate world. The region has a well-developed infrastructure that enables the region to incorporate all of the latest technology accessible internationally more quickly. Furthermore, the increasing use of cloud-based technologies is a significant factor driving the expansion of data center security market trends in this area.