Exploring Sustainable Solutions: Innovations in Poultry Packaging

poultry packaging market

Poultry packaging is widely used in different poultry farming products or items such as meat, fish, chicken, and others. These poultry farm products are widely popular because of their nutritional value for the user intake coupled with several other health benefits that these poultry farm products provide. Therefore, poultry farm product manufacturers must keep the quality and integrity of these poultry farm products intact and not harmed due to external or environmental factors like moisture or microorganisms using effective poultry packaging solutions like vacuum packs or modified atmosphere packs for a wide range of poultry farm products.

These poultry farm products come in a wide range from fragile products like eggs to solid but environmentally sensitive products like fresh meat which needs preservation. Each of these different types of poultry farm products has its own unique need of packaging to ensure its safety and quality until it reaches the customer.

Poultry packaging is used to enhance the shelf life of poultry farm products and to make sure the product quality remains intact throughout the product life-cycle from the manufacturing unit where the product is packaged to the retail shop where it is stored under specific conditions according to the product needs and at last, it reaches to customer. In this whole cycle of poultry farm products, the poultry packaging plays a crucial role in providing safe and reliable packaging that can last throughout the process without letting the product inside the packaging get spoiled or damaged.

Different types of packaging are available for each type of poultry farm product with different types of materials such as air-tight containers, vacuum packs, frozen packaging, and biodegradable packaging for environmental sustainability. Furthermore, the poultry packaging ensures the preservation of the nutritional value of poultry farm products due to which they are widely adopted by major poultry farm product manufacturers across the globe.

Global Production Trends

The production of poultry packaging has been steadily increasing over the years and the industry has been booming in recent times with its applications increasing in demand which is the growing demand for poultry farm products like meat and fish globally due to their nutritional value for human health. For instance, factors such as rapid growth in poultry farming and their products industry globally across several different regions especially in the Asia Pacific region.

Therefore, these factors are making several poultry farm product manufacturers adopt effective poultry packaging solutions into their production or manufacturing process to fuel sales of poultry packaging and it is being widely adopted by major poultry farm product manufacturers in recent times as it increases the shelf life of the products which in turn grows the demand for the production of these poultry packaging significantly.

Recently, there has been a notable increase in the production of poultry packaging in emerging economies that has increased urbanization in several countries across the globe like China and India where the overall packaging industry has grown significantly with growth in manufacturing including poultry packaging. Also, technological advancements in the packaging industry have significantly improved the poultry packaging industry and improved the user experience with the advancements in the packaging technologies with interactive packaging designs to attract customers to buy their poultry farm products and easy-to-access packaging solutions of these products.

Moreover, several brands or companies that manufacture these poultry farm products invest heavily in the marketing and branding of these products. The packaging of these poultry farm products is the best way to market and build the brand to give tough competition to other similar companies and separate their products from them to show customers that their product is unique from others which further increases the production of poultry packaging in the market.

Poultry packaging use case

The use of poultry packaging for different poultry farm products is a huge trend in the market these days as poultry farm product manufacturers are switching over to more efficient options for increased shelf-life and preservation of the product’s freshness throughout the product life cycle for the consumer by using effective poultry packaging solutions. These solutions can preserve products from environmental factors such as humidity, temperature, and airborne particles for different poultry farm products and make the day-to-day production of these poultry farm products easy and fast.

These poultry packaging solutions are widely used by different poultry farm product manufacturers including domestic or international poultry farm product manufacturers where every poultry product is integrated with this effective poultry packaging solution to make the customer experience more convenient while using these poultry products according to their needs with these innovative poultry packaging solutions. Therefore, with a rise in demand in these use cases for poultry farm products, there is a lot of research and development done to make poultry packaging solutions suitable for this variety of poultry farm products.

The growth in the use cases of poultry packaging in the poultry farm product manufacturing industry worldwide has made the production of poultry packaging much more prominent and increased in numbers over the years as these poultry products that are growing in demand rapidly need a suitable packaging solution that is to be used for maintaining the integrity of these poultry products. There is significant growth in the packaging industry and new and innovative solutions that are being developed around the globe are heavily influencing the growth of the poultry packaging industry.

There is a wide range of meat products that need different packaging solutions. The growth in demand and production for these different types of meats is predicted to increase the use cases for poultry packaging solutions and production for them significantly. These different meat products include goat meat, pig meat, sheep meat, and others where each type of meat has its unique packaging requirements and will boost the use cases and production for poultry packaging solutions. For instance, in India, species-wise meat production is segmented into various parts where the highest segment is poultry meat production with 36% of total meat production in India.

Figure 1: Species Wise Meat Production in India (%)

species wise meat production

Source: mofpi.gov.in

Market Dynamics and Drivers

Several factors drive the poultry packaging market, including a rise in applications for them across different poultry farm products which can enhance their shelf life and protect them from getting contaminated during their product life cycle from environmental factors like humidity or microorganisms using effective poultry packaging solutions like air-tight containers or frozen packaging for meat and chicken products. Also, in recent times a significant rise in demand for effective poultry packaging solutions that can increase the production speed of poultry farm products for the manufacturers while maintaining the product’s nutritional value till it reaches its shelf-life limit.

Moreover, the growth in technological advancements made in the poultry packaging solutions has made it convenient for the customer to use the poultry farm products in their day-to-day lives according to their need like cooking food which has positively impacted the poultry packaging market. So, with this rapid growth and innovation in poultry packaging technology and the popularity of poultry farm products among the general public due to their health and nutritional benefits, the need for suitable poultry packaging is rising proportionally.

The growth in the demand for these poultry farm products including meat products is expected to boost the market growth of poultry packaging over the forecast period. The demand for these products is growing at a rapid pace globally and with this rapid growth, the production and demand for effective packaging solutions is there which is leading to several innovations being made in the poultry packaging industry. For instance, the largest meat-producing state in India is Uttar Pradesh as it produces 23% of the total meat production in India. Therefore, the presence of different huge meat-producing regions across the globe is expected to boost the poultry packaging market.

Figure 2: Top Five Meat-Producing States in India (Production in 000’Mt)

top five meat-producing states

Source: mofpi.gov.in

Key Developments

  • In January 2024, SEE launched their CRYOVAC brand compostable overwrap tray that can break down into organic material and is a sustainable packaging solution for packaging fresh poultry and red meat.
  • In August 2023, Amcor launched their AmFiber performance paper packaging solutions that can provide recycling of packaging and sustainable packaging solutions for different poultry products.

In conclusion, the poultry packaging market presents significant opportunities for growth and innovation, driven by the increasing popularity of poultry farm products due to their health benefits around the globe especially meat. While facing challenges such as fluctuation in packaging material costs that negatively affect various poultry farm product manufacturers and huge investments for research and development for new and innovative poultry farm product packaging solutions, the industry is poised to capitalize on technological advancements and innovations to meet the needs of a growing global demand for poultry farm products while ensuring the quality and integrity of the products using the poultry packaging solutions.

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