Travel Management Software Enhance Efficiency in Business Travel

travel management software

Travel Management Software

Travel Management is an application that helps businesses manage bookings, and track and analyse the company’s travel processes. It simplifies travel management, further saving time and money for the company. Some of the various features that are included in a travel management tool are individual account handling, customizable travel policies, customer support, travel spending analytics, data encryption and security, an easy-to-use booking system, loyalty programs, expense tools for seamless integration, and many others.

The wide range of benefits that travel management solutions bring include simplified travel bookings, business travel personalization, substantial travel inventory, travel cost savings, advanced analytics, streamlined approval workflow, round-the-clock support, on-demand scalability, easy access, virtual travel consultancy, and many others.

One of the largest travel management systems present in the market is SAP Concur, which provides a one-stop software system for all of the company’s travel arrangements that need to be handled. Their platform helps manage travel budgeting, policy, and reporting, making sure that everything is always running as per the requirements. The features of the software provided by SAP include:

  • Business Intelligence: empowers the company with timely business information, helping the company control overall spending.
  • Service Administration: delegates system oversight by controlling day-to-day service maintenance, implementing new service features, employee updates, and many others.
  • Expense Report Auditing: allows the company to enforce policies, cut excessive business costs, and catch misuse, all while saving time.
  • Invoice Management: automates the process of collecting, tracking, submitting, and paying supplier invoices and cheque requests.
  • User Support Desk: provides reliable user support 24×7.
  • Locate and Alert: allows the company to keep in touch with the employees while they are in the process of travelling by communicating with them during any urgent situations, no matter where the employees are.
  • Salesforce Integration: integrated Salesforce into Concur, further providing visibility and ease of use.

Rising business travels worldwide propels the travel management software market.

Travel management software is commonly used by companies to manage expenses and track the details of employee’s business trips. This allows the company to know all kinds of information on business travel, which include the location of the employee, expenses for the business trip, policies of the business trip, spending of the employee from the company, and many others.

The US Travel Association states that the business travel trend has shown a significant acceleration in the world. The various trends, as per the US Travel Association, include:

  • Slow and Steady Recovery: as per the Q3 earnings of Delta Airless in 2023, strong travel demand continued to increase during the summer, with the major players being international travel and business travel. American Express also has stated the increase in business travel, events and meetings.
  • Small and medium-sized companies drive the growth of business travel: various small and medium-scale enterprises continue to drive transient business recovery and have increased focus on business travel. This provided an opportunity for various companies to evolve their products to cater to the needs of these small and medium-scale businesses.
  • Return to office boost: several corporations have stated an increase in the number of workers returning to the office, specifically in the urban areas, boosting the demand for business travel in the companies.
  • Business leisure growth: an estimated 46% of the global employees have displayed an interest in travelling for business in 2024, which includes more than a third of GenZ and millennial business travellers who plan to have an extended business trip to enjoy their leisure activities after or before their work obligations of the company.
  • Flexible work management: many business travellers have opted to maximise their time on the road by implementing opportunities for work, friends, family, and leisure, further boosting the demand for extended-stay hotels due to the blended travel trend. Hilton has stated an increase of 15% compared to 2019 in business travellers.

The increase in growth of the global business travel industry will provide the necessary boost to the growth of the global demand for travel management solutions. The increase in growth of business travels will drive the demand for improved and efficient travel management softwares in the market, further boosting the growth and development of travel management software solutions. As per the Global Business Travel Association, the global business travel industry is expected to witness a significant increase in growth in the upcoming years. It was stated that the spending level is projected to pass $1.4 trillion in 2024, which is further expected to increase to reach $1.8 trillion by 2027. It was also stated that global business travel spending has shown an estimated increase of 47% in 2022, which is an increase reaching $1.03 trillion and is expected to further increase by 32% in 2023.

Figure 1:  Increase in Business Travel Spending, in USD Trillions, Global, 2022 to 2027

increase in business travel spending
Source: Global Business Travel Association

Furthermore, the Asia Pacific region is expected to witness significant growth in the upcoming years. Some of the major players include Japan, South Korea, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. As per the Global Business Travel Association, regional travel spending accounted for an increase of 41% in 2023, accounting for an estimated US$567 billion, and is expected to increase to reach $800 billion by 2027. It has also been stated that the regional business travel spending in 2023 was expected to reach 92% of the travel spending of 2019, which accounts for an estimated $616 billion. The Asia Pacific region also accounts for 39% of the global total business travel spending, which accounts for an estimated $402 billion in 2022.

Figure 2: Increase in Business Travel Spendings, in USD Trillions, Asia Pacific, 2022 to 2027

increase in business travel spendings APAC
Source: Global Business Travel Association

Key Developments:

October 2023: Citi announced the launch of the first complete travel and expense system for Citi Commercial Bank Clients in collaboration with Navan, a leading modern travel and expense management solution. This solution allows integration of the innovative card link technology of Navan Connect, further creating a seamless digital experience for Citi Commercial Bank cardholders. The system was announced to be only available to US-based Citi Commercial Bank clients, due to the solution being their first complete end-to-end corporate Travel and Expense (T&E) management collaboration of this scale.

February 2022: Coupa Software announced the release of their Travel & Expense (T&E) management solution dubbed Coupa Travel & Expense. This solution consists of seamless travel booking, unified expense management, live on-the-road traveller support, and a complete integrated mobile application, further optimizing real-time travel spending and enhancing the traveller experience.

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