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Global Cosmetic Surgery Market

Global Cosmetic Surgery Market – Forecasts from 2016 to 2021

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  • Publishing Date: November 2016
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Cosmetic surgery market is projected to grow to US$48.960 billion by 2021, from US$32 billion in 2015, at a CAGR of 7.35% over the forecast period. Cosmetic surgery is a medical procedure aimed at enhancing appearance through surgical and medical techniques. An individual may undergo a cosmetic procedure either for reduction, augmentation, lifting or improvement of a body part. The market for cosmetic surgery has seen a significant rise over the years, driven by advancement in surgical procedures rising incomes, expanding urbanization, cultural effects of global integration and rise in specialized surgeons. Surgical procedures have historically proven to generate high demand, while non-invasive procedures are gaining traction. The United States is the largest market for cosmetic surgery, followed by Europe, however, East and South East Asia have witnessed high growth in recent years.

Research Methodology

This section provides an anatomy of the research process followed for calculating market size and forecasts along with a list of the secondary data sources used and the primary inputs which were taken for data validation. It also provides an outline of the various segmentations which have been covered as part of the report.

Industry Overview

In this section, the entire Cosmetic Surgery Market is explained along with the causes, diagnosis, and prevention of the disease, the various drivers, restraints and opportunities to its treatment market and the prevalence of the disease based on age, gender and region. A product pipeline has been mentioned along with innovations in the market. Certain regulations specific to the industry are also listed out, followed by a detailed scenario analysis.


The Cosmetic Surgery Market has been segmented based on type, body part, and geography as below:

  • By Type
    • Surgical Procedures
    • Non- Surgical Procedures
      • Botox
      • Hyaluronic Acid
      • Chemical Peel
      • Laser Skin Resurfacing
      • Microdermabrasion
      • Hair Removal
      • Others
    • Liposuction
  • By Body Part
    • Face and Head
      • Eyelid Surgery
      • Fat Grafting
      • Nose Surgery
      • Face Lift
      • Ear Surgery
      • Hair Transplant
      • Facial Bone Contouring
    • Breast
      • Breast Augmentation
      • Breast Reduction
      • Breast Implants
      • Breast Lift and Revision
      • Gynecomastia Surgery
    • Body and Extremities
      • Tummy Tuck
      • Gluteal Augmentation
      • Male and Female Extremities
      • Upper Arm Lift
    • By Geography
      • Americas
        • North America
        • South America
      • Europe Middle East and Africa
        • Europe
        • Middle East and Africa
      • Asia Pacific

Market Players

This Section deals with major players in the market, their market shares, products, growth strategies, financials, and recent investments among others. Key industry players in the Cosmetic Surgery Market are Sanofi S.A, Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Lumenis Ltd., and Genesis Biosystems, Inc. among others.

1. Introduction
2. Research Methodology
3. Executive Summary
4. Cosmetic Surgery Market Industry Overview
4.1. Market Overview
4.2. Drivers, Restraints, and Opportunities
4.3. Prevalence
4.4. Product Pipeline
4.5. Innovations
4.6. Industry Regulations
4.7. Scenario Analysis
5. Cosmetic Surgery Market Forecast by Type (US$ Billion)
5.1. Surgical Procedures
5.2. Non- Surgical Procedures
5.2.1. Botox
5.2.2. Hyaluronic Acid
5.2.3. Chemical Peel
5.2.4. Laser Skin Resurfacing
5.2.5. Microdermabrasion
5.2.6. Hair Removal
5.2.7. Others
5.3. Liposuction
6. Cosmetic Surgery Market Forecast by Body Part (US$ Billion)
6.1. Face and Head
6.1.1. Eyelid Surgery
6.1.2. Fat Grafting
6.1.3. Nose Surgery
6.1.4. Face Lift
6.1.5. Ear Surgery
6.1.6. Hair Transplant
6.1.7. Facial Bone Contouring
6.2. Breast
6.2.1. Breast Augmentation
6.2.2. Breast Reduction
6.2.3. Breast Implants
6.2.4. Breast Lift and Revision
6.2.5. Gynecomastia Surgery
6.3. Body and Extremities
6.3.1. Tummy Tuck
6.3.2. Gluteal Augmentation
6.3.3. Male and Female Extremities
6.3.4. Upper Arm Lift
7. Cosmetic Surgery Market Forecast by Geography (US$ Billion)
7.1. Americas
7.1.1. North America
7.1.2. South America
7.2. Europe Middle East and Africa
7.2.1. Europe
7.2.2. Middle East and Africa
7.3. Asia Pacific
8. Competitive Intelligence
8.1. Market Share Analysis
8.2. Investment Analysis
8.3. Recent Deals
8.4. Strategies of Key Players
9. Company Profiles
9.1. Sanofi S.A
9.2. Valeant Pharmaceuticals International
9.3. Lumenis Ltd.
9.4. Genesis Biosystems, Inc.
9.5. Covidien plc.
9.6. A.P. Pharma, Inc. (Dermik Laboratories)
9.7. Zeltiq Aesthetics Inc
9.8. Cynosure, Inc

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