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Waste Transportation Market - Forecasts from 2016 to 2021

Waste Transportation Market - Forecasts from 2017 to 2022

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  • Publishing Date: October 2017
  • Format: Word Doc
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Waste Transportation Market is estimated to witness high growth over the forecast period. The demand for different transportation solutions for waste is gaining momentum on account of burgeoning waste management industries. Hazardous nature of the wastes makes it imperative to handle and transport them safely for public safety. These wastes generated by different industries can be categorized into hazardous and nonhazardous. While hazardous wastes are stored into containers or safe-tanks, nonhazardous waste are stored in landfills or disposed-off through incineration facilities. Other factor driving the waste transportation industry is industry and government regulations, focused on handling and managing waste.

First section of the report deals with detailed research methodology for calculating market size and forecasts, secondary data sources used and the primary inputs which were taken for data validation. This section also outlines various segmentation which have been covered as part of the report.

Next section provides comprehensive market dynamics through an overview section along with growth drivers, challenges and opportunities which exist in the current market. This section of the report also provides supplier and industry outlook as a whole; key industry, global and regional regulations which are determining the market growth and a brief technological aspect of Waste Transportation. Complete industry analysis has also been covered through Porter’s five forces model as a part of this report section.

Thirdly, Waste Transportation market has been segmented on the basis of type and waste and mode of transport. Under different types of waste; hazardous and nonhazardous waste have been covered. Whereas, by mode of transport, this market has been segmented into rail, road, air and sea transport; detailed comprehensive forecast with analysis has also been covered as part of this section.

Important regions for vendors in terms of market size is covered through detailed geographical segmentation. Geographical regions covered as a part of this section are Americas, Europe Middle East and Africa and Asia Pacific.

Finally, competitive intelligence section deals with major players in the market, their market shares, growth strategies, products, financials, and recent investments among others. Key industry players profiled as part of this section are Tervita Corporation, EKB Container Logistik, American Waste Transport & Recycling, Inc., CAST Transportation, SET Environmental, Inc., along with several other players.

  1. Introduction
  2. Research Methodology
  3. Executive Summary
  4. Market Dynamics
    • Segmentation
    • Drivers
    • Restraints
    • Opportunities
    • Supplier Outlook
    • Industry Outlook
    • Porter’s 5 Forces Analysis
    • Industry Value Chain Analysis
  5. Waste Transportation Market Forecast by Type of Waste (US$ billion)
    • Hazardous Waste
      • Solid Waste
      • Semi-solid Waste
      • Liquid
      • Gas
    • Nonhazardous Waste
  6. Waste Transportation Market Forecast by Mode of Transport (US$ billion)
    • Rail Transport
    • Road Transport
    • Air Transport
    • Sea Transport
  7. Waste Transportation Market Forecast by Geography (US$ billion)
    • Americas
      • US
      • Canada
      • Brazil
      • Mexico
      • Others
    • Europe Middle East and Africa
      • United Kingdom
      • Germany
      • France
      • Italy
      • Spain
      • Others
    • Asia Pacific
      • Japan
      • China
      • India
      • Australia
      • Others
  1. Competitive Intelligence
    • Investment Analysis
    • Recent Deals
    • Strategies of Key Players
  2. Company Profiles
    • Tervita Corporation
    • EKB Container Logistik
    • American Waste Transport & Recycling, Inc.
    • CAST Transportation
    • SET Environmental, Inc.
    • CEMCO
    • ACT Environmental Services
    • Tyson H Burridge
    • Veolia UK
    • Ross Environmental Services, Inc.

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