Green Ammonia Market Size, Share, Opportunities, And Trends By Technology (Solid Oxide Electrolysis, Proton Exchange Membrane, Alkaline Water Electrolysis), By End-Use Industry (Transportation, Power Generation, Fertilizer, Industrial Feedstock, Others), And By Geography - Forecasts From 2023 To 2028

  • Published : Jun 2023
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The green ammonia market was valued at US$15.88 million in 2021.

The green ammonia market is an emerging sector gaining momentum as a sustainable solution for the future. Green ammonia is produced using renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, or hydroelectric power, instead of the traditional fossil fuels used to create conventional ammonia. This process results in lower carbon emissions and has the potential to provide a sustainable solution for the future. The demand for green ammonia is increasing due to growing concerns over climate change and the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The agriculture industry, which is the largest consumer of ammonia, is also shifting towards sustainable practices, creating a market opportunity for green ammonia as a fertilizer. Moreover, the increasing demand for clean energy and the need for energy storage solutions have led to the exploration of green ammonia as a potential fuel for transportation and energy storage.

However, the green ammonia market is still in its early stages, and several challenges need to be addressed, including the high cost of production and the need for infrastructure development to support its transportation and storage.

The green ammonia market is driven by growing demand for sustainable agriculture, clean energy, and technological advancements.

  • Growing demand for sustainable agriculture- The agriculture industry is the largest consumer of ammonia, and there is increasing demand for sustainable practices that reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment. Green ammonia provides a sustainable solution as a renewable energy source. According to a report by the International Energy Agency (IEA), using renewable ammonia in agriculture can reduce carbon emissions by up to 16% in the sector by 2050.
  • Rising demand for clean energy- The demand for clean energy sources is increasing globally, and green ammonia has emerged as a potential fuel for transportation and energy storage. As countries shift towards renewable energy sources, the demand for green ammonia as a clean energy carrier is expected to increase. The European Union's Clean Hydrogen Alliance has identified green ammonia as a key component in achieving its goal of 40 GW of renewable hydrogen production by 2030.

Market Developments:

  • In May 2022, LSB Industries announced a collaboration with Bloom Energy and thyssenkrupp Uhde to create a green ammonia production project that has the potential to produce approximately 30,000 metric tons of green ammonia annually at its facility in Pryor, Oklahoma. The design and engineering of the project are set to be undertaken by ThyssenKrupp Uhde to convert a portion of Pryor's current conventional ammonia capacity into green ammonia. The project's first phase will involve the use of a 10 MW solid oxide electrolyzer supplied by Bloom, with the installation of a further 20 MW alkaline electrolyzer unit planned for later. Bloom will take responsibility for owning, maintaining, and operating the solid oxide electrolyzer, which will be the largest of its kind globally when it becomes operational.
  • In October 2022, KBR, a global engineering and technology solutions provider, unveiled a new technology that can produce 10,000 metric tons per day of green and blue ammonia, in response to the increasing global demand for sustainable energy and fertilizers. The company's latest offering integrates advanced digital technologies with its expertise in capacity scale-up to enable owners to provide clean ammonia and hydrogen for energy transition in a reliable, flexible, and scalable manner. KBR's new technology is expected to help clients realize favorable economics, enabling them to achieve attractive returns on their investments in low-carbon hydrogen.

Based on the end-use industry, the green ammonia market is expected to witness positive growth in the power generation segment.

The use of green ammonia in power generation is one of the most promising end-use industries for the market. Green ammonia is being considered as a fuel source for power generation, with the potential to replace traditional fossil fuels. The ability to store and transport ammonia easily and the possibility of using it in gas turbines make it an attractive option for power generation. Several countries are exploring the use of green ammonia for power generation, with Japan being a notable example. Japan has set a target of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, and green ammonia is s key enabler in achieving this goal. The country has set a target of producing 3 million tons of green ammonia annually by 2030.

North America accounted for a significant share of the global green ammonia market.

Based on geography, the green ammonia market is segmented into North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific. North America is expected to hold a significant share of the green ammonia market, driven by the increasing adoption of renewable energy and the need to reduce carbon emissions. The United States is a major player in the green ammonia market, with several projects underway to produce green ammonia using renewable energy sources such as wind and solar.

Green Ammonia Market Scope:


Report Metric Details
Market Size Value in 2021
US$15.88 million
Growth Rate CAGR during the forecast period
Base Year 2021
Forecast Period 2023 – 2028
Forecast Unit (Value) USD Million
Segments Covered Technology, End-Use Industry, and Geography
Regions Covered North America, South America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific
Companies Covered Siemens Energy, FuelPositive Corp, ITM Power PLC, Enapter, AmmPower, CF Industries Holdings Inc., ENGIE, Haldor Topsoe, ACME Group, Thyssenkrupp
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Market Segmentation:

    • Solid Oxide Electrolysis
    • Proton Exchange Membrane
    • Alkaline Water Electrolysis
    • Transportation
    • Power Generation
    • Fertilizer
    • Industrial Feedstock
    • Others
    • North America
      • USA
      • Canada
      • Mexico
    • South America
      • Brazil
      • Argentina
      • Others
    • Europe
      • Germany
      • France
      • United Kingdom
      • Spain
      • Others
    • Middle East And Africa
      • Saudi Arabia
      • UAE
      • Israel
      • Others
    • Asia Pacific
      • China
      • Japan
      • India
      • South Korea
      • Indonesia
      • Thailand
      • Taiwan
      • Others

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Green Ammonia Market was valued at US$15.88 million in 2021.
Prominent key market players in the green ammonia market include Siemens Energy, FuelPositive Corp, ITM Power PLC, Enapter, and AmmPower, among others.
The global green ammonia market has been segmented by technology, end-use industry, and geography.
The green ammonia market is driven by growing demand for sustainable agriculture, clean energy, and technological advancements.
North America accounted for a significant share of the global green ammonia market.


1.1. Market Overview

1.2. Market Definition

1.3. Scope of the Study

1.4. Market Segmentation

1.5. Currency

1.6. Assumptions

1.7. Base, and Forecast Years Timeline


2.1. Research Data

2.2. Research Process


3.1. Research Highlights


4.1. Market Drivers

4.2. Market Restraints

4.3. Porter’s Five Force Analysis

4.3.1. Bargaining Power of Suppliers

4.3.2. Bargaining Power of Buyers

4.3.3. Threat of New Entrants

4.3.4. Threat of Substitutes

4.3.5. Competitive Rivalry in the Industry

4.4. Industry Value Chain Analysis


5.1. Introduction

5.2. Solid Oxide Electrolysis

5.3. Proton Exchange Membrane

5.4. Alkaline Water Electrolysis


6.1. Introduction

6.2. Transportation

6.3. Power Generation

6.4. Fertilizer

6.5. Industrial Feedstock

6.6. Others


7.1. Introduction

7.2. North America

7.2.1. USA

7.2.2. Canada

7.2.3. Mexico

7.3. South America

7.3.1. Brazil

7.3.2. Argentina

7.3.3. Others

7.4. Europe

7.4.1. Germany

7.4.2. France

7.4.3. United Kingdom

7.4.4. Spain

7.4.5. Others

7.5. Middle East And Africa

7.5.1. Saudi Arabia

7.5.2. UAE

7.5.3. Israel

7.5.4. Others

7.6. Asia Pacific

7.6.1. China

7.6.2. Japan

7.6.3. India

7.6.4. South Korea

7.6.5. Indonesia

7.6.6. Thailand

7.6.7. Taiwan

7.6.8. Others


8.1. Major Players and Strategy Analysis

8.2. Emerging Players and Market Lucrativeness

8.3. Mergers, Acquisitions, Agreements, and Collaborations

8.4. Vendor Competitiveness Matrix


9.1. Siemens Energy

9.2. FuelPositive Corp

9.3. ITM Power PLC

9.4. Enapter

9.5. AmmPower

9.6. CF Industries Holdings Inc.

9.7. ENGIE

9.8. Haldor Topsoe

9.9. ACME Group

9.10. ThyssenKrupp

Siemens Energy

FuelPositive Corp




CF Industries Holdings Inc.


Haldor Topsoe

ACME Group


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