Rising Data Center Establishments: Key Factors Shaping the Plus-Managed Network Switches Market

plus-managed network switch market

Plus-Managed Network Switches are network devices managed by different networks, enhancing the management of network infrastructure. These switches help in controlling, managing and observing traffic within a Local Area Network, as well as permitting communication between Ethernet devices. These switches are utilized in data centers and small businesses because of their network monitoring capabilities. The overall market is anticipated to grow at a faster rate due to the bolstering growth in these applications.

Moreover, the managed switch market is made up of worldwide trade and demand for network switches with sophisticated management features. Managed switches are crucial parts of computer networks because they enable effective packet routing and control between connected devices. These switches are unique in that they allow administrators to have fine-grained control over remote configuration and monitoring.

Further, companies are embracing digital technology to better their performances. With the introduction of cloud computing, and the Internet of Things among other technologies, there has been a great need for fast reliable networks in the recent past. Consequently, this has led to an increased demand for routers and switches while the same trend continues. Moreover, the uptake of internet-ready apparatus has exploded in all corners of the globe leading to growth within this sector.

Global Trends

The growth of bandwidth and speed is significantly made possible through Plus-managed switches. There has been heightened demand for high-speed network switches meant to meet the increased need for faster data rates such as 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE), and 25 Gigabit Ethernet (25GbE). Presumably, switch technology will continue evolving at an even faster pace relative to current workloads and other data-rich applications.

End Use Case

Plus-managed network switches deliver economical network segmentation, traffic prioritization and network monitoring for small enterprises. In order to provide fundamental networking features, these switches are required. Because it is plug-and-play compatible, small to medium-sized businesses can benefit greatly from it. The market demand for managed network switches is expected to be positive due to the increase in the number of MSME establishments. For example, the U.S. Small Business Association (SBA) estimates that there are 33.2 million small businesses in America, making up 99.9% of all firms..

Moreover, corporations need smart switches to help automate acts like enforcement of policy, provision and resolving troubles in networks. Automation expedites network operations, saves time, and lowers the possibility of human error. Integration of AI and machine learning promises optimal functioning, this will also result in more proactive problem-solving and its ability to make intelligent decisions. In response to current cyber threat landscape trends, managed switches will adopt future perfective(es) features like Intrusion Detection (ID), Encryption (EN) and Access Control (AC) as a result of evolving requirements within this sector. To automate threat mitigation, this then strengthens the network defences through integrating security framework.

Market Dynamics and Drivers

Plus-managed switches are designed specifically for enterprise-sized businesses, which require much greater control over network traffic, or for businesses that use data centres and have much larger network coverage areas. The recent establishment of data centers in various places means more opportunities for business growth in the future. In March 2023, the initial data center was established by OVHcloud in India to cater for the Asian Pacific region. It should also be noted that apart from the one in place at this time, two other data centers will be under construction soon in Australia as well as Singapore.

Further, to fully utilize AI technology, more computer processing and decision-making procedures are required. The locations of AI processing and data storage could be anywhere from the cloud to on-premises data centers to the edge of the network, depending on factors like performance, capacity, and cost. Edge computing would have a major impact on the market under consideration. It is predicted to benefit greatly from connected devices, innovative industries, and connected cars.

Additionally, managed switches are incorporating sophisticated security features like intrusion detection, encryption, and access control which are adaptive to the changing cyber threat landscape. Automation of threat mitigation, together with integration of security frameworks serve to beef up network defenses. It is in sectors like healthcare, finance and government where data breaches can imply severe outcomes that safe switches are greatly imperative. For instance, the estimated costs of of cyber attacks increased from US$8.44 trillion in 2022 to US$11.50 trillion in 2023.

Figure 1: Estimated Cost of Cyber Crime, in USD Trillions, Global, 2022 to 2023

estimated cost of cyber crime

Source: weforum.gov

Further, the complexity of modern IT infrastructures has caused a paradigm shift in the managed switch industry, with increased network management capabilities at the forefront. Moreover, growing demand for IoT connectivity, integration of advanced security features and adoption of cloud-based management solutions are shaping the landscape of next-generation networking systems.

Key Developments

  • In October 2023, Teltonika Networks rolled out its first range of configurable switches. The Teltonika TSW202 and TSW212 configurable switches can be managed remotely via our Remote Management System (RMS). In addition to detailed statistics concerning device performance, you have full authority about switch status as well as settings. It can also control the bandwidth of your network and organize, regulate, and optimize the way your managed switches operate. It does this by using the Scheduling function.
  • In August 2023, Hikvision introduced a new set of smart managed switches that can help installers install security systems from any location by using the Hik-Partner Pro app on their phones and then maintaining them effectively every day. PoE ports with 6 KV surge protection and a robust architecture characterize this new generation of Smart Managed Switches. With the help of its mobile app, Hik-Partner Pro, Hikvision’s latest generation of Smart Managed Switches integrates connectivity with total security system management…

In conclusion, Plus-managed network switch market is characterized by multiple small and medium vendors and several well-known multinationals. In order to increase access speed and increase router and switch space, major players concentrate their R&D efforts on releasing the most recent technologies. In addition, a lot of suppliers are expanding internationally in order to improve their market share and earnings. The adoption rate of plus-managed network switches is anticipated to rise as a result of these initiatives.


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