The Vital Role of Vitamin E: Natural Sources, Benefits, and Deficiency Implications

natural vitamin e market

Vitamin E is a group of fat-soluble substances with specific antioxidant properties that support multiple metabolic processes, improve immunity and cellular communication, regulate gene expression, protect cells against free radical-induced damage, etc. Its deficiency may lead to numbness or weakness in nerves, muscle weakness, and eye problems. This essential substance exists naturally or artificially. Natural Vitamin E is usually found in numerous plant-based oils, seeds, nuts, vegetables, and fruits such as spinach, pumpkin, avocados, mangoes, almonds, peanut butter, sunflower seeds, and fish. Petrochemicals commonly form synthetic vitamin E. In general, it raises the overall absorption and utilization of it by improving its bioavailability and potency relative to the synthetic kind.

Further,  the rising awareness of health and wellness among the general public and increasing demand for adult vitamins is also leading to market growth. Hence, with the growing incidences of micronutrient deficiencies, individuals are increasingly adopting natural food and beverages rich in vitamin E such as pumpkin, sunflower oil, peanuts, almonds, beet greens, and asparagus in their everyday diets in the quest to enhance nutrient uptake. Many methods, like pills, products, and capsules for nutritional supplements and health from Vitamine E, increase their use now.

At the same time, a switch to organic products can be observed as of late. Such products include anti-ageing creams containing no chemicals but containing natural vitamins such as the E-title of the product. The increase in product applications in cosmeceuticals, providing perfect medical substitutes for usual medications, as well as the buoying consumption of augmented feed among animals, are the driving forces behind the market expansion. An ageing population, increased sales of functional foods and beverages, growing consumer purchasing power along with emergence of natural vitamin E supplements available in either online or offline stores are some of the other things that are helping in the expansion of this market.

Global Production Trends

The rising demand for tocotrienols as a significant source of vitamin E in pill and capsule form is the reason for this. Tocotrienols are recognized for their potential as antioxidants, as well as for their ability to lessen platelet aggression and prevent heart damage. The demand and consumption of tocotrienols have increased as a result of this awareness. The variety of products from the food, cosmetics, and biofuel sectors that are enabled by the expansion of multiple consumer-specific products, have led to more demand by these very consumers. This is majorly attributed to its beneficial properties in reducing the possibility of getting Alzheimer’s disease, improving immunity and preventing blocked arteries. Because tocotrienols protect against a number of health issues, including high cholesterol, scars, cancer, and other genetic disorders, the food and beverage industry needs more tocotrienols, which in turn accelerates market growth.

Supplement Use Case

The need for dietary supplements is largely brought on by people’s growing health consciousness. These days, consumers turn to dietary supplements to fill the gap left by their changing lifestyle patterns, which are unable to meet the body’s daily vitamin requirements.Furthermore, consumers favor dietary supplements because they are straightforward and simple to use. The need for dietary supplements containing natural vitamin E is expected to rise further as preventive healthcare becomes more important and the value of a healthy diet is recognized. Market producers now have a great opportunity to satisfy the needs and preferences of consumers who are health-conscious.

Market Dynamics and Drivers

The growing demand for vitamin supplements is expected to drive a significant increase in the market for natural vitamin E over the forecast period. There are many clinical studies on these vitamins and they are good for you in general terms and particularly for bones. This factor will drive sales in natural form products that are a source of Vitamin E such as pharmaceutical injection grade products only, oral supplementation, food fortification as well and dietary supplements.

Research indicates that consuming vitamin E-rich foods or using supplements lowers the risk ratio of death due to cardiovascular disorders, cancer, dementia among other health conditions. For instance, in 2020, there were over 55 million dementia patients worldwide. A population of 55 million was afflicted with dementia worldwide in 2020 while by 2050 there would be 139 million people on earth by then every twenty years it would almost double hitting 78 million by 2030. The expansion will be chiefly by developing countries. Africa and Asia will account for most of this continent’s increments.

Figure 1: Dementia Cases, in Millions, Global, 2020 to 2050

dementia cases

Source: Alzheimer’s Disease International

Further, both developed and developing countries are experiencing an increase in demand of the future years for industrial growth because they have undergone dietary and lifestyle changes that caused the lack of natural vitamin E. People with obesity problems caused by the consumption of junk foods have paralysis that is prone to lead; hence it becomes necessary for such individuals to get extra vitamins. Menadione and phytonadione, two fat-soluble substances of great importance in teeth and bone formation, are essential. Moreover, it depresses coagulation factors and stimulates intravascular blood coagulation. To prevent coagulation disorders caused by physical inactivity and bad eating habits, it is advisable to take these two substances regularly as dietary supplements.

Key Developments

  • In October 2023, Kensing, LLC, a distinguished producer of natural vitamin E, plant sterols, and high-purity surfactants disclosed that it has taken over Advanced Organic Materials, a company that has been renowned for manufacturing non-GMO plant-based vitamin E and phytosterols derived from sunflower and rapeseed. It is worth noting that Kensing, LLC belongs to the portfolio of an entity linked to One Rock Capital Partners, LLC.” Our selection of non-GMO plant-based ingredients has expanded thanks to the acquisition of AOM, which also improves our access to new, varied sources of natural raw materials and creates new end markets.
  • In March 2022, in a groundbreaking development in oral health, UK vitamin brand Nourished collaborated with Colgate to introduce ‘nutristacks’ to the UK market. The innovative range of 3D printed vitamin gummies, developed in partnership with Colgate, was launched by Birmingham-based health tech start-up Nourished. These gummies were made available for purchase across the UK.

In conclusion, the natural vitamin E market presents significant opportunities for growth and innovation, driven by rising demand for health consciousness. While facing challenges such as fluctuation in material costs that negatively affect various industry verticals and huge investments in research and development for new and innovative production techniques, the industry is poised to capitalize on technological advancements and innovations to meet the needs of a growing global demand for the natural vitamin E market.


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