Technology Breakthrough: Apple Paves Way for Innovations in Artificial Intelligence – WWDC 24

Apple innovations

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), was held on the 10th of June 2024 at Cupertino, California. In this event, the company announced major launches, such as Apple intelligence, Siri with Chat GPT, and iOS 18, among others.

Looking at the rising adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) the company announced a long-awaited artificial intelligence push called Apple Intelligence. According to the CEO, of Apple Tim Cook, this Apple intelligence is a collection of highly capable large language, diffusion model, and also has on device semantic index, that will work across the applications, and will identity data and feed that data into models.

Some of the capabilities of Apple Intelligence as mentioned by the company:

  • Apple Intelligence will be able to recognize context-driven notifications, where the AI will be able to recognize the importance of one’s context.
  • The product will have systemwide proofreading, and style improvements, across third-party, and native applications.
  • Apple intelligence will have a feature called image generation, in which generative photos can be generated based on a photo library. The photos can be generated in three ways sketch, illustration, and animation.
  • Also, the product by the company will be able to do cross-application tasking. This feature will be able to do tasks on one’s behalf.
  • Apple Intelligence can focus on personal context and can draw full suite on activities.
  • Further, Apple Intelligence can leverage cloud-based models, on special servers using Apple Silicone to ensure that user data is private and secure.

Apple also announced password protection on password applications for iPhone, iPad, Vision Pro, Mac, and Windows. It will help the user to protect all the passwords, sort of like Keychain did. This is one of the new features announced at the event.

Additionally, there are some new macOs Sequoia which will help in enhancing features of macOS. Some of the new features of Apple macOS are as follows:

  • Enhancement from iPadOS, and iOS: new features like map improvements, and text animation will be included in macOS.
  • iPhone Controlling: One can control the iPhone using a Mac via Continuity. Additionally, standby will also remain virtually undisrupted.
  • New macOS will also provide further video enhancements for video call features like screen isolation, and background features will be included.
  • Lastly, a new feature known as safari enhancement with artificial intelligence-powered highlights will help fetch helpful information from the webpage.

Table 1:    Products and New Features Added

Products Features
iOS, iPadOS and macOS Context-Driven Notifications
iOS, iPadOS and macOS Writing Improvements
iOS, iPadOS and macOS Image Generation
iOS, iPadOS and macOS Cross-Application Tasking
iOS, iPadOS and macOS Focus On Personal Context
iOS, iPadOS and macOS Private Cloud Compute

Some of the other major highlights of the events were

  • Enhanced Siri with Apple Intelligence: Siri will become more adept by integrating information from multiple apps. For instance, it can inform you about the time and location of your next meeting from your calendar, provide a summary of a prep document sent via email, and give you the weather forecast so you can dress appropriately.
  • AI-Generated Emojis: Apple Intelligence will enable users to create custom emojis in iMessage using text prompts, as well as generate non-photorealistic images for use in conversations.
  • OpenAI Partnership: Apple will allow users to opt-in to using ChatGPT for certain queries when OpenAI’s technology is better suited to provide answers. This integration will function directly on Apple devices, even if users do not have a ChatGPT account
  • Hidden Apps and Privacy Updates: New privacy features will allow iPhone users to “lock” specific apps, making them accessible only via Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode. Additionally, users can “hide” apps so they don’t appear on the home screen and their media does not show up elsewhere on the device
  • Real-Time Call Transcripts: iPhone users will be able to record and transcribe calls directly from the phone app, with notifications to all parties when a call is being recorded
  • Gesture Controls for AirPods: AirPods will feature new gesture controls, allowing users to answer or decline calls with a simple nod or shake of their head
  • Apple Watch Health Monitoring: The Apple Watch will introduce new health monitoring capabilities, including tracking vital signs like body temperature and heart rate to alert users if they might be getting sick.

Furthermore, Apple announced iPadOS 18, with new features such as:

  • Interface Improvements: A new floating tab bar and automatic sidebars will enable users to maximize screen space more efficiently.
  • SharePlay Enhancements: Users can now take control during a SharePlay session.
  • Calculator on iPad: Apple is introducing a native Calculator app for the iPad, which will include unit conversion capabilities. When used with the Apple Pencil, it will offer a feature called Math Notes
  • Math Notes for Calculator: With Math Notes, users can write directly on the iPad using the Apple Pencil, and the calculator will automatically solve written problems, including support for scientific functions.
  • Notes App: The Notes app has a new feature called Smart Script, which utilizes “on-device machine learning” to tidy up handwriting. Additionally, users can insert typed text into a handwriting session, and it will automatically convert to appear as handwritten text.

One of the major changes happened in VisionOS 2, where the company tried to bring a new spatial experience to Apple Vision Pro. Just a few months after the launch of visionOS 2, the company brought a powerful spatial computing experience for Apple Vision Pro users. In this spatial feature the company has tried to provide users to create spatial photos with images already in the library, intuitive hand gestures for quick access to essential information, and new features like Mac Virtual Display, Travel Mode, and Guest User, visionOS 2 offers enhanced functionality. Additionally, it introduces new capabilities such as Follow Your Breathing in the Mindfulness app, SharePlay for Photos, and multiview in the TV app.

Lastly, the launch of the new tvOS 18 was a major success of the event. tvOS 18 introduces smart features like InSight and improvements to Enhance Dialogue and subtitles, enhancing cinematic experiences. Apple Fitness+, Apple Music, and FaceTime also get upgraded for a better experience on the big screen. iOS 18 brings new Home app features, including guest access and hands-free unlock with home keys, making home access easier and more secure. AirPods software updates offer new gestures for responding to Siri, taking calls, and enjoying games more immersively.

Hence, in the WWDC24, the company has launched new and innovative solutions for the coming years which are expected to boost the development of artificial intelligence related solutions in all short, medium and long term timelines.

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